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             This site is the ORIGINAL UnOfficial Fan Site. The Administrator has not been on the site
            since late 2005 and there were no moderators to keep the whole site current.   The
            UnOfficial Fan site now serves as an 
Archive for our "Patrick Wilson Fans" site.

               Biography, Filmography, Photos, Messageboard, etc.  This is the first fan site created for
               Patrick. It was established during his Broadway days and is maintained by the original 

              Message Group and e-mail list with News, Photos, Links, etc.  Receive messages by e-mail or
                  view them on the site. 

             Movie and Teleivision Credits, Photo Gallery, Messageboard.


    (From, this new site includes a WONDERFUL gallery!  The collection includes photoshoot outtakes, screen captures, magazine scans, etc.  A real Must-See!

  • Patrick's listing on Hotflick  

    Fabulous screen captures, photos, also links to articles.

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