Welcome!  My name is Patrick R. Harrison and I am an Instructor at Loyola University Chicago.  I completed a PhD in social psychology under the supervision of Dr. Robyn K. Mallett and Dr. Fred B. Bryant.  I completed a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree from from Aquinas College, summa cum laude, with honors in psychology and a minor in history.  I hold a master of arts (M.A.) degree in social psychology from Loyola University.  

I currently teach Statistics (PSYC304), Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC306), Personality Psychology (PSYC338) and Lab in Social Psychology (PSYC321) in the College of Arts and Sciences at Loyola University.  

In 2011, I was awarded the James E. Johnson Award for Teaching Excellence in Psychology.  


Patrick R. Harrison, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology
Loyola University Chicago