That's what I looked like one day with my wife in the countryside around Ithaca.
...I still look pretty much like that.

Current Projects
Almost all philosophy is interesting, fun, and worthwhile! But I work mainly in contemporary analytic epistemology and informal logic. My current work focuses mostly on doxastic voluntarism, the epistemic basing relation, and the nature of epistemic reasons.

My main project at the moment is a monograph (forthcoming, Routledge), entitled Epistemic Rationality and Epistemic Normativity. Chapter drafts appear periodically on my Academia page, and I'm always interested in feedback!

Another project I have on the go at the moment is, with David Godden, the co-editing of a special issue of TOPOI on epistemological and argumentation-theoretic approaches to disagreement. This special issue will address disagreement between people who accept conflicting fundamental theoretical frameworks, as well as disagreement between epistemic peers, i.e. roughly, people who are equals in terms of intellectual ability and exposure to evidence.

And another project I am excited about is a volume of original essays (forthcoming, Routledge), entitles Well-Founded Belief: New Essays on the Epistemic Basing Relation, which I am co-editing with J. Adam Carter. The essays in this volume defend various analyses of the basing relation, and address the sorts of things which can be reasons upon which beliefs are based, and draw connections between the basing relation and a variety of other topics, such as skepticism, the analysis of knowledge, and the contingencies of our epistemic locations.

Contact me
You can email me at: patrbondy (at) I'm open to feedback on my work, as well as to proposals for collaborative projects. And to jokes! I like jokes.

Journal and Encyclopedia Articles - If you're super interested but don't have library access to them, I have pre-publication or pre-peer-reviewed copies of most of these up on my page. Or you can just email me.
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