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  • New research on COVID-19 published in PLOS ONE:
    Tracking the Dynamics and Allocating Tests for COVID-19 in Real-Time: an Acceleration Index with an Application to French Age Groups and
    Départements : click here 
    for paper! 

  • Tribune (in French): Confrontée à une pandémie inattendue, une stratégie de santé publique doit reposer sur les meilleurs indicateurs: click here!
  • The Acceleration Index as a Test-Controlled Reproduction Number: Application to COVID-19 in France : click here (SSRN) and 
    here (MedRXiv) for paper!

  • An Early Assessment of Curfew and Second COVID-19 Lock-down on Virus Propagation in France : click here (SSRN) and here (MedRXiv) for paper!

  • Conference on Infrastructure, Growth and Development at EBRD in London, co-organized with Columbia and UCL: click here for program!

  • New research on the Impact of Infrastructure Investments on Income Inequality in the US, published in Economics of Transition and Institutional Change: click here!

  • New article on Learning Financial Shocks & the Great Recession published in the Review of Economic Dynamics: click here!