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Fiction Samples

Here are a few tastes of my writing to pique your interest:
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Born with the power of a lion within her, Druschenka's world is harsh and forgiving. Beneath the searing Vastlands sun, she is the finest hunter of her pride--the dayhunter.  When all she cares for is destroyed by a rival pride, will she find the strength to create a new life?  When confronted by the strange ways of the outlanders, can she dare to love again?

Test of the Mountains:

A short novel recounting the manhood struggles of Angar Thelgear, destined to be a great hero and wielder of the stone of power, blessed of the Gods of the Mountain

The Quiet Legion:

The conspiracy theorists have it right.  There really is a vast, ancient force trying to guide humanity closer to pure chaos.  The servants of the Devourer are everywhere, waiting to be unleashed.  Three twelve year olds are about to find out that this ancient evil wants them dead, and will do anything to accomplish the task.  Derek, Ariane, and Merrill must find some way to survive against the nearly-limitless might of an enemy that has quietly infiltrated nearly every facet of society.

Three Holy Evils:

Three of the worst scoundrels and cut throats in all the land are caught and forced to do the church's bidding.  Doing all a church's dirty deeds, with no pay and too few opportunities to get up to mischief, leaves our poor fellows in a sad state.  Told in the inimitable words of Karsten, the Dark Prince, this is a humorous action romp with a heart of (fool's) gold.

The King Snake:

Going away from my normal fantasies and horror yarns, The King Snake is a thriller about Allison Caravelle, a Salt Lake City police detective whose past hide an awful secret: when she was a girl, she was abducted and molested by a psychopath.  With her special understanding for victims, she approaches her job in a different way from other cops.  When a brutal mass murderer savages the Mountain West, she must pit her wits against both the killer and a mysterious man nicknamed The King Snake, who preys on other predators.  All Allison's cases are personal, but she has no way of knowing how personal this one will get... 

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