Wolf Steel is munged!  Long live Wolf Steel 2! 

The changeover from Google Pages (mort!) to Google Sites (viva!) messed up the old site pretty badly.  Because of this, I'm creating it again in the new format.  Bear with me while I populate these pages, because it may take me a while.  I'm not quite so quick as I once was.

For those of you who never experienced the joy that was Wolf Steel, it's my unofficial web site, primarily used to house bits and parts that won't fit on my official page, which is beyond the following link:

Patrick M. Tracy's "Real" Website, pmtracy.com

Some of the links on the professional page will lead you back here, primarily because it's easy to upload fun stuff onto this website, where it is not quite so easy to do that with the other one. 

So, happy arrival at Wolf Steel 2, and wish me luck as I create it.  It'll be stronger, faster, better than it was before.  I have the technology.

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