Memorial / Statue

This page details information regarding the memorial statue.

N.B. The memorial will not be in place until c.Aug 18th and will be officially unveiled by Dr Claire O'Leary on Aug 19th, 2012.

The memorial is being made by Don Cronin.

The artists impression of the statue is as follows:

Patrick Keohane Memorial Statue

Patrick Keohane Memorial Statue

A version of the image that will be available on t-shirts is as follows:

Location of memorial:

The statue is located at an area called Lislee Court near Courtmacsherry between Broadstrand and Blind Strand. 

The GPS co-ordinates of the memorial are :  N 51 degrees 36' 42" and W 8 degrees 42' 15"

Memorial during construction:

View of Broadstrand beach from memorial site:

Updated images as of July 29:
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Patrick Keohane memorial site 29 July 2012

Travel directions: (By Car)
From the RNLI station at Coutrmacsherry.
Go east through the village and take the main road which turns uphill to the right after the Church of Ireland Church. 
Continue through this narrow and winding hill with care.
Travel past the housing estate which is situated on the left.
Stay on the main road passing a road to Broadstrand to your left.
Continue to crest of hill.
Continue down hill for c.5 mile / .8km .
When the road starts to sweep to the left ... take a left at the crossroads. (Tight corner to the left)
(Look for a sign for Lislee Church or Courtmacsherry Soccer Club)
Pass the ruins of Lislee church on your left and take the next left after c.250 metres at a crossraods.
Continue on this roads for c. 500 metres.

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Map of memorial site using google Maps: (Memorial highlighted with green icon and birthplace highlighted with blue icon)

Patrick Keohane Memorial location

Wider view of the area:

Wider view of the area

Place of Birth:

The barn below is situated on the site of an old ruins. It was this ruins that we believe to have been the site of the his birthplace.

(Perhaps we'll never know for sure. (Any information - much appreciated to

Images of Patrick Keohane's homeland:

Photos: T Collins