Usually, people choose not to use any links referenced but in this case, you are advised to do so. The links below do some justice to the amazing feats completed by the brave men of c.100 years ago. The links give an idea as to what polar life was (and is) like.  The resources are not in any particular order.

More resources:

1 Links to Plymouth Museum and archive .... some amazing photos for viewing here

2 Info about famous Irish exploreres from the Beyond Endurance website,r:0,s:0

3 Links to a historical archive of info about famous Irish adventurers. (Link through RTE)

4 Link to items of historical importance relating to the Terra Nova

5. The Erin Go Braugh Flag that was sold through Christies

6 Images of Scotts last expedition

7 Link to the Polar Museums homepage of the British Antarctic Expedition 1910 - 1913

8 An account of the importance of ponies on the expedition. (James Pigg)

9 An account of life in the Antarctic

10 Some images of the famous journey

11 A link highlighting the fact that historical memorabilia was going for auction

12 Photos of the expedition from the Telegraph
Tom Crean -

13 Details of the Robert Scott exhibition which takes place in the Natural history Museum, London until 2 Sept 2012

14 Link to the Polar Museum's notes on Patrick Keohane

15 A sense of what life is like in the Antarctic:

16 On line version from the Gutenburg database of Cherry-Garrard's 'The Worst Journey in the World'. ** Fantastic Resource**

17 A day-by-day record of the competition between the Scott and the Amundsen expeditions

18 Modern photos of Mount Keohane from the website:,+Mount/AQ/Antarctica/0/

19 Modern satellite images of Mount Keohane

20 Various images of the Antarctic and the area around Mount Keohane

21 Info from Wikipedia about Mount Keohane

22 Recently released images of the Scott Polar Expedition from The Mail newspaper

23 Shows images similar to link 20 (above) with aerial images of the Mount Keohane area.

24 Satellite image of Mount Keohane:

26    Journal of expedition from Edward Evans:

27    Stop Press:     New link available from Collins Press

School Zone:
A list of interesting links that may be of interest to both the student and teacher:

Video of expedition related material:

Mashpedia is a thematic content aggregator that assembles digital information from multiple sources into one single site.

 It includes Ponting's film of the expedition -90 Degrees South - which I've just spent the last hour watching!

 The You Tube Link for the film is:


Copyright is the National Film and Television Archive (UK)

Look at the below link for what is planned for Polar Fun Days (incorporates science, literacy, numeracy, art):

Building an igloo:

Studying Climate zones:

Glaciers Shrinking due to climate change:

Studying Ice Cores:

Life on a polar station:

Amazing facts about Antarctica:

Interesting images from Google about Antarctica:

Links to this site that you may wish to copy and email to others: