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posted May 15, 2013, 10:02 AM by Patrick Foster   [ updated May 30, 2017, 8:05 PM ]

Since I was ten or eleven years old, I've had this hobby of making up and recording songs. From 1987 through 1997 I made cassette tapes of my "albums" and gave them to my friends. During this time I also recorded songs with a number of other people. I took a 14-year hiatus after that. This website links to most of the recordings I've made since then.

I once entertained notions of "marketing" my songs—of major recording artists recording them, of winning Grammys and Fields Medals and American League batting titles. But for a long time I've just written and recorded songs for fun. Anyway, most of the songs here are at least 30 years out of style and wouldn't have commercial value today. Plus, I never devoted the time—or the blood, sweat, and tears—to becoming a good songwriter. 

Finally, I'm not a musician; these recordings are all done on computers. While I spend hours and hours on each arrangement, the final product is never more than a rough "demo."

I named most of my tapes alphabetically, starting with Alpha in 1987. By 1997 I'd made it to Purple, although the "G" and "N" tapes were compilations made up primarily of songs from preceding tapes.

Quayle-Bopp (2011) was the first set of songs I finished after my hiatus. Retro Shock Therapy followed in 2012, after which I began to work on Saturday Night Ghost. But alphabetization or not, I'm not a linear person. S.E.G. got put on hold while I finished Purple 2.0 (2012), a re-recording of the 1996 cassette, which I'd begun in 2008. And then, since S.E.G. wasn't going anywhere, I set it aside while I started and finished Third-Rate Burglary (parts 1 and 2, 2013; part 3, 2014), and Agent Time (2015), which I named nonalphabetically because it was a "covers" collection—songs I didn't write myself. I'd work on S.E.G., as well as other projects, here and there, and in 2016, after five or six years, I finished Java Day II, a remake of the Java Day tape from 1993. I finally finished S.E.G. in 2017. 

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posted May 15, 2013, 10:02 AM by Patrick Foster

so hello. seems as though I'm now a blogger. 

what is the purpose of this? that's what we're here to find out. you can stay tuned if you want, but it may be a long weight...

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