Some press articles...

KCCI Des Moines Channel 8
Instinct Gallery - Sensory Overload Show Des Moines, IA

 St. Pete Times
DEFT - C. Emerson Fine Arts

Orlando Weekly
Fables of the Equinox Solo Show - Orlando, FL

New Times Palm Beach
Pop Pop! Show - Pink Ghost

Art Squeeze Tampa Bay
Under the Influence Show - C Emerson Art Gallery

St Pete Times
Under The Influence - C Emerson Art Gallery

Emorywheel Newspaper Atlanta, GA
Femme Fatale Show - Alcove Gallery

Big Up Magazine (pages 1&2)

Big Up Magazine cont. (pages 3&4)

Big Up Magazine cont. (pages 5&6)

The Baltimore Examiner
Artist Feature

Axis Magazine - Orlando FL
Solo Show - The Peacock Room

New Sun Times - Phoenix AZ
Solo Show - WindUp Gallery