Music theory is important for the understanding of how music works - the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic components of music as well as the structure of pieces. 

This understanding is useful when learning a new piece of music, when composing an original piece, improvising, and it most definitely enriches the experience of listening.

Some of the theory topics covered on this site are intervals, scales, and chords.

A very good, and free online source of information and drills is

For students wanting to practice note identification on the staff, go to  Notice that in the upper right corner of the page are tabs that will allow you to choose the clef, and range. Be sure to limit the range of notes you are drilling to the notes you are currently practicing in your pieces.

New Theory topics will be added along and along including video tutorials and listening exercises. You are invited to give topic suggestions, feedback, and suggestions for other helpful music theory sites.

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