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“We are so excited to have found Patrick for our two kids.  Since starting just a few months ago, my son has not only progressed much faster than we had imagined, but he goes and practices his music several times a day completely of his own accord.  My daughter, who came to Patrick having no experience in music, is also progressing so quickly, we are amazed.   I am calling it music magic but the kids just say he is fun and funny and encouraging.  It has been a great fit.”  J.F.

"Patrick is an excellent teacher! Brooke loves him! She says he allows her to choose what she wants to learn to play and the pace to learn, and that he’s experienced and loves what he does. I see that Patrick teaches his students music theory, not just how to play the piano and I appreciate his flexibility with days and times of lessons since Brooke has a lot of other extra mural activities and her schedule changes regularly."    K.P.

"Patrick is a patient & relaxed instructor who at the same time is creative in his methods of conveying new information.  Rather than the typical piano lesson, I feel my work with him is more of a study in jazz piano, encouraging me to think things out before relying on written notes.  I find I’m spending more quality time at the piano now and especially enjoy working with ‘play along’ versions of songs I’m currently working on.   Listening to the bass & drums of a tune, while I do my best to play melody & chords is great fun and a valuable exercise in listening, timing and rhythm.

Patrick has indirectly reminded me that learning to play piano is a continuous process and can be enjoyed each step of the way!"            CC- a retired high school teacher