Policies and Rates 2018 - 2019



POLICIES: FALL 2018 - Summer  2019

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Tuition based on 4 LESSONS PER MONTH: 

            ½ hour/ week          $100.00   month

            45 minutes/ week     $150.00   month

            1 hour/ week          $200.00   month

Summer tuition is based on number of lessons taken each month. 

If you have set up another scheduling system with me (ie: per lesson) then your tuition will be calculated accordingly. Holidays and makeup requirements still apply.


PAYMENT is due in advance by the 5th of each month, and is based on 4 lessons per month. Make checks payable to “Patrick Boland.” No bills will be sent unless payment is late. An $8.00 charge will be assessed for each late payment.


*  MAKEUPS. Your lesson time is reserved for you. Mr. Boland will try to offer makeups when given 24 hour notice, or in case of illness, but cannot guarantee any makeups except for any lessons he might miss. (The exceptions are Labor Day and Memorial Day holidays - Mr. Boland will not teach these days but will schedule makeups if possible at a mutually convenient time.)


*  DISCONTINUING. Should you decide to discontinue lessons, please provide a full month’s notice. Failure to do so will result in an assessed penalty of one-half month’s fees.


HOLIDAYS. Because some months have 5 lessons, the following holidays are factored in to give an average of 4 lessons per month. Mr. Boland will not offer lessons on these days. No makeups will be scheduled if lessons fall on these days.


Thanksgiving Vacation: Wednesday, Nov. 21 & Thursday, Nov. 22

Winter Break: Tuesday, December 25 - Thursday, January 3, inclusive

Spring Break* : Tuesday, April 16, - Thursday, April 18, inclusive

      * We will adjust lesson scheduling if your school has a different Spring Break.


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