Marina Miletic

Marina Miletic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. After her studies at the Stankoviv Music School in Belgrade she worked with the performance art groups KVART and Ultima Occasio, later exhibiting in Europe. With her husband Patrick Anderson-McQuoid, the duo work together as Dvadream with Performance Art works in Ireland and mainland Europe.

Belgrade Graffiti, Photographs by Marina Miletic.

Historically, the term graffiti originally referred to the inscriptions found on the walls of ancient ruins, as in the catacombs of Rome and other sites. The first known example of "modern style" graffiti survives in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, (in modern Turkey). Modern graffiti, which is associated with hip-hop culture and spans all racial and economic groups, began in the mid-to late 1960s; it made its way to New York City and quickly became a phenomenon. Later, graffiti artists began to paint on canvas and paper, attracting the attention of art dealers and collectors.

In her exhibition 'Off the Wall', Marina Miletic has touched on her emotional engagement with her home city of Belgrade to bring a sense of place for others to view by way of her photographs.#