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Group Exhibitions

2014.  Visual Aids. Postcards from the Edge. Luhring Augustine Gallery. New York. USA.

2014.  Collage Art. Group Exhibition. Tymutopiyapres Gallery. Lviv. Ulraine.

2014.  5th Biennial Mailmania Exhibition. Slide Room Gallery. Victoria. BC. Canada. 

2013.  Do It. Group Art Show. One Photograph. Part of Yoko Ono's Project. Manchester International Festival. Manchester Art Gallery. England. UK.

2013.  Papernews. Group Exhibition. New Millenium Centre for Contemporary Art. Chahgsha. China.

2013.  IOUMA. 25 Years. Group Exhibition. Lucie Stern gallery. Palo Alto. CA. USA.

2012.  Wounded Memory. Library Gallery. University of A Cotuna. University of Vigo. Spain.

2012.  1962-2012. 50 Years of Mail Art. Museo Cirico Della Museum. Ancona. Contemporary Art Gallery. Termo. Italy.

2012.  The 70 Project. John H. Bennett. Columbus. OH. USA.

2011.  An Exchange With Sol LeWitt. Curated by Regine Basha. MOCA. Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. USA.

2011.  Fluxface in Space. Flux Festival. Museum of Contemporary Art. Chicago. USA.

2011.  Renaissanc. Mail/Sound Art. Curated by Joe Fleury. (Invasion)  Villars. Switzerland.

2010. Fluxface in Space. Utilizing a program from NASA, the exhibition is of works by 127 artists from 26 nations who created a original postcard sized work of art. The exhibition is to be launched into orbit on the last two Space Shuttles in 2010 & 2011. Curated by Cecil Touchon/Gary A. Bibb/Angela Ferrara. Kennedy Space Center. FL. USA. (Portfolio Version) Fort Worth Arts Center. Texas. USA.

2010. Writings & Observations. Artists Book Exhibition. Ladyrint Press. Tumba. Sweden.

2010. Umbrella. In Memory of Judith A. Hoffberg. Caldwell Gallery. The Armory Center for the Arts. Pasadena. CA. USA. Curated by Jay Belloli.

2009. Visual Aids. Benefit Group Exhibition. Donating artists included Yoko Ono, Cindy Sherman, Carl Andre, Edward Ruscha and Jeff Koons. Metro Pictures Gallery. New York. USA.

2009. The Others & I. Turin Book Fair. Italo Calvino Library. Turin. Italy.

2009. 2nd Bienal Arte Milheros. Junta de Freguesia de Milheiros. Porto. Portugal.

2008. The Utopian Library. International Book Artists. Viareggio. Italy.

2008. International Fluxhibition. Forth Worth Arts Center. Texas. USA.

2008. Civilian Victims. Students Cultural Centre. Kragujevac. Serbia.

2007. Postcards from the Edge. Kilkenny County Council. Ireland.

2007. Fetish. 2nd International Biennial of Arts. Lyon. France.

2007. The Artist-Led Archive. Archival history of the Tubular Gallery.Cork.1974. Triskel Arts Centre.Cork. 1978. Two works from own collection on temporary loan. Curated by Megs Morley.Galway Arts Center.

2006. World Peace Forum Exhibition. Vancouver. BC. Canada.

2005. Mailbox. Columbia College. Book and Paper Centre. Chicago. USA.

2005. The Street You Walk On. Brisbane Central Library. Queensland. Australia.

2005. Landscapes. Galeria da Aplasc. Santa Catarina. Brazil.

2004. Ray Johnson. Struts Gallery. New Brunswick. Canada.

2004. Moonshadow. Cultural Centre. Mechelen. Belgium.

2004. Living. Gallery Sidac. Leiden. Holland.

2003. Out In The Open. Exhibition. Roscommon.County Roscommon. Ireland.

2003. Simon Community. Roscommon Arts Centre. Ireland.

2002. Artists Books. Minden City Library. Minden. Germany

2002. Euro Exhibition. Culture Centre BUZ. Minden. Germany.

2001. A Sence of Place. Galerie Centre Cultural. Cesson Sevigne. Brittany. France.

2000. Group Exhibition. Leitrim Festival. County Leitrim. Ireland.

2000. Images. Leitrim Council Civic Offices. County Leitrim. Ireland.

1999. Earthworks. Omphale Gallery. Calumet. Michigan. USA.

1999. Mohill Festival. County Leitrim. Ireland.

1998. Mirrors. BAG. Boyle Arts Festival. County Roscommon. Ireland.

1998. Photographs. Sligo Arts Festival. Ireland.

1996. Migration & Letters Home. Bath Festival. England. UK.

1996. Force Ten. Model Arts Centre. Sligo. Ireland.

1995. North Western Artists. Sligo Art Gallery. Ireland.

1994. Art Without Limits. Scuola Media. Pisa. Italy.

1993. Crossing Boarders. Irvine Arts Centre. CA. USA.

1992. Eat. Russell Sage Gallery. Troy. New York. USA.

1992. Dedicato Donna. Museo Dell Informazione. Senigallia. Italy.

1991. Gorbachev Project. Museum of Art. Tokyo. Japan.

1990. What Changes! Staffordshire Poly. Stoke on Trent. England. UK.

1990. BAO Art Festival. Okishima Island. Japan.

1989. Artists Against Apartheid. Pori. Helsinki. Finland.

1989. Dali Memorial Exhibition. Circle Art Gallery. Brooklyn.New York. USA.