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CV Patrick


The Wexford Artists Book Exhibition. Limerick School of Art. Ireland.

Yeats Day. Group Exhibition. Sligo City Hall. Sligo. Ireland.

Open Studio Group Exhibition. Cambraian College Gallery. Ontario. Canada.

Visual Aids. Postcards from the Edge. Luhring Augustine Gallery. New York. USA.

Poetry Reading/Lecture. Part 1/Part 2. Invited Artist. Novo Academy of Arts. Belgrade. Serbia.

Collage Art. Group Exhibition. Tymutopiyares Gallery. Lviv. Ukraine.

1st Nordic International Biennial. Wizard Institution of Contemporary Arts. Olso. Norway.

5th Biennial Mailmania Exhibition. Slide Room Gallery. Victoria. BC. Canada.

Your Culture. Culture Night Ireland. International Exhibition. Curator with Marina Miletic. Performance Art Works. Poetry Reading. Drumshanbo. County Leitrim. Ireland.

A Woman in the Future. Frida Kahlo. Roncella City Centre. Italy.

Correspondence. Q Gallery. Franklin Arts Center. MA. USA.

Global Landscapes. Cooper Finn Gallery. Millbrook. New York. USA.



The World is a Town. Fluxfest Chicago. 6018 North Gallery. USA.

Do It. Group Art Show. One Photograph as part of Yoko Ono's Project. Manchester International Festival. Manchester Art Gallery. England. UK.

Papernews. Group Exhibition. New Millenium Centre for Contemporary Art. Chahgsha. China.

Signed/Sealed/Delivered. Group Exhibition. The Green Gallery. Durham. NC. USA.

Anything Goes. Group Exhibition. Courtyard Gallery. Asheville. NC. USA.

Memory. Group Exhibition. Richmond Art Gallery. Richmond. BC. Canada.

IOUMA. 25 Years. Lucie Stern Gallery. Palo Alto. CA. USA.

Cavellini. Group Exhibition. Space Pohen Gallery. Salerno. Italy.

ABAD. The Ties That Bind. International Book Art Biennial. Islip Gallery Museum. NY. USA. 


Foto Vispo. Fremantle City Library Gallery. Western Australia.

Fluxus/Anti Art. Charleroi. Belgium.

Project Art Books. Touring Exhibition. Weert/Aachen/Limburg. Holland.

The World is a Town. Project. North Manchester. IN. USA.

Sign & Language. Open Stal. Oldeberkoop. Holland.

Wounded Memory. Library Gallery. University of A Cotuna.University of Vigo. Spain.

What Do You Think. City Hall Gallery. Ram inicu Valcea. Romania.

Take 1. Cinema. Loma Collective. Lisbon. Portugal.

Resolution 2012. The Underground Gallery. Whitesburg. KY. USA

Transformation.Fluxfest NYC. ETG Book Cafe Gallery. New York. USA.

Wounded Memory Mural. Library of the Educational. Universidade de A Coruna.Galicia. Spain.

Poetry Reading. Live. Dreamdva. Doan Godena Exhibition. Rovinj. Croatia.

The Poetry Box. Live Performance Art. Dreamdva. Music by DJ Koja.Galerija Alternativa. Belgrade. Serbia.

1962-2012. 50 Years of Mail Art. Museo Cirico Della Museum. Ancona. Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery. Termo.

The 70 Project. John H Bennett. Columbus. OH. USA

The Decentralized Networker Congress 2012. CAZ.Cornwall. UK. Keith Buchholz. Roanoke.VA.USA Multimedia Art Studio/MAS Gallery.Serbia. Artestudio.Bergamo.ttaly. Gracieia Gutierrez Marx. Argentina.





An Exchange with Sol LeWitt. Group Exhibition. Curated by Regine Basha. MOCA. Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. USA.

Fluxface in Space. Self-Portrait. Curated by Gary B. Bibb. Space Shuttle Discovery. Mission STS-133. Rendezvous with the International Space Station. NASA. USA.

Renaissance. Mail/Sound Art. Curated by Joe Fleury. Invasion. Villars. Switzerland.

Fluxface in Space. Fluxfest Chicago 2011. The Museum of Contemporary Art. Chicago. USA.

Feelings. Curated by Natasa Stanisic. Pero Café Gallery. Novi Sad. Serbia (Sarajero/Zagreb/Rijeka.Croatia.

MaiIto. Curated by Jeff Thompson. Drift Station Gallery. Lincoln. Nebraska. USA.

Presents. Curated by Kate Wadkins. Hyperallergic Gallery. Brooklyn. New York. USA.

George Maciunas and Beyond. Fluxus Never Stops. Group Exhibition. Curated by Keith A. Buchholz. Kaunas Bienniel. Lithuania.

A Book about Death. The Ties that Bind. Second Avenue Firehouse Gallery. Babylon. New York. USA.

The Fluxus/Visual Poetry Project. Curated by Keith A. Buchholz. Chicago Cultural Center. Chicago. USA.

Outpost. Group Exhibition. Lowercase Gallery. Wrightsville. Pennsylvania. USA.

Anything Goes. Group Exhibition. The Courtyard Gallery. Asheville. North Carolina. USA.

F*** the Big C. Group Exhibition. Eve-n-odd Gallery. St.Petersburg. Florida. USA.

Project Mail Art Books. One Book. Group Exhibition. (Touring) Curated by Ed Hanssen. Nunhern. Holland.

100 Words. A Celebration of Life. corated by Rowena Keaveny. Ireland.





Group Exhibition. Long Gallery. Tron Theatre. Glasgow. Scotland. UK.

Visual Aids. Benefit Group Exhibition. Donating artist included: Jack Pierson. Yoko Ono. Jeff Koons. Zieher Smith Gallery. New York. USA.

Self-Portrait. Group Exhibition. Penticton Art Gallery. B.C. Canada. The Havana Gallery. Vancouver.B.C. Canada. Curated by Ed Varney.

Fluxus Now. Group Exhibition. Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival. Virginia. USA. Flux Exhibition No 4. Fluxmuseum/Museum Box. Nuart Gallery. Santa Fe. New Mexico. USA.

Running on Love. Group Exhibition. Studio J. Victoria. B.C. Canada.

Radio Interview. The Arts Show. With Noel Molloy. RosFM Radio. Roscommon. Ireland.

The Last Book. Curated by Luis Camnitzer. Zentral Bibliothek. Zurich. Switzerland.

Writings & Observations. Artists Books Exhibition. Ladyrint Press. Tumba. Sweden.

Three Photographs. Anartjournal. Web Project. SLC. Utah. USA.

Umbrella. In Memory of Judith A. Hoffberg. Caldwell Gallery. Armory Center for the Arts. Pasadena. CA. USA. Curated by Jay Be!loll.

Memorable Movie Moments. Sarajero Film Festival. Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Fluxus St. Louis. in collaboration with The Museum of Contemporary Arts St. Louis Open Studios. MO. USA.

Internatioal Triennial of the Extended Art Media.Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzuric.Belgrade. Serbia.

Mailmania 4. Group Exhibition. Studio J. Victoria. B.C. Canada.

Visual Poetry. Group Exhibition to honor Enrique Lihn. Art Institute. Vinadelmar. Chile. Flux Exhibition No 4. Fluxus Diversions. Fort Worth Arts Center. Texas. USA.

BMC to DIY. Highsmith Gallery. Black Mountain College Museum.NC. USA. Curated by John Held.Jr

Fluxface in Space. Curated by Cecil Touchon/Gary A.Bibb/Angela Ferrara. Utilizing a program from NASA, the exhibition is to be launched into orbit on the last two Space Shuttles,2010 & 2011. Kennedy Space Center.FL(Portfolio Version) Fort Worth Arts Center. Texas. USA.