Terms of Use

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All of my maps, rectangular regions, elevation grids, .fld files, and .stp files are original works.  I release them free of charge.  Anyone is welcome to modify any of my maps without asking for my permission, with one requirement: You must also allow your modified versions of my maps to be modified without your permission.  This is a strict requirement for all of my maps.

For modification of my vehicles, you should always try to work with the original creation first.  In some cases where I am the original creator or I have heavily modified the vehicle, you are free to modify them.  I will not require you to ask my permission, but if you heavily modify them you are free to use your own policy when other people want to modify your work derived from my work.  The only exception is that I wish to reserve the right to modify work derived from my work into a new work derived from your work which was derived from my work.

Note: Any violation of these terms of use, such as redistributing my files without citation of original authors (especially me), will possibly result in the termination of any future rights to use, modify, or release any and all of my works.  I don't mind you using my work, even without asking for my permission, but if you ever use it without saying it came from me, you may never be allowed to use my work again.