Hi! My name is Patricio Gallardo.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Mathematics at Washington University in St Louis. Around 2020, I will move to Riverside, CA where I accepted a tenure track position at the University of California, Riverside.

My mathematical interests include algebraic geometry, singularity theory and Hodge theory. Currently, I am learning about matroids and mirror symmetry as well. My favorite writer is J. L. Borges; and my hobbies include dancing salsa and bachata. You can write me to pgallardocandela at wustl.edu.

My C.V can be found here.

I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from Stony Brook University in 2014, under the direction of Radu Laza.


  1. Moduli of cubic surfaces and their anticanonical divisors (with J. Martinez-Garcia) To appear at the Revista Matematica Complutense (RMC)
  2. Modular interpretation of a non-reductive Chow quotient (with N. Giansiracusa). Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.
  3. Wonderful compactifications of the moduli space of points (joint with E. Routis). European Journal of Mathematics, 3(3), 520-564.
  4. VGIT for pairs, a computational approach (with J. Martinez-Garcia). Proceeding of the AMS.
  5. Families of elliptic curves in Projective space and Bridgeland Stability (with C. Lozano-Huerta, and B. Schmidt) Michigan Mathematical Journal.
  6. On the GIT quotient of quintic surfaces. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (to appear)
  7. A slice of the moduli space of lines arrangements (joint with K. Ascher) Algebra and Number theory (to appear)
  8. Compactifications of the moduli space of plane quartics and two lines (with Z. Zhang and J. Martinez-Garcia) European Journal of Mathematics, 2018, Volume 4, Issue 3.
  9. Applications of the moduli continuity method to log K-stable pairs (with J. Martinez-Garcia and C. Spotti)
  10. Towards inductive structures of the basic reproduction number for compartmentalized models with J. Aguilar, P. Gallardo, J. Gutierrez. (Draft Manuscript ).
  11. On the neighborliness of thin-sincere representations of quivers (with D. Mckenzie)

Under Preparation

  • Moduli space of points in the projective plane (with B. Schmidt)
  • On computational GIT (J. Martinez-Garcia, David Swinarski, and Han-Bom Moon)