Grese West Atkins Hindley Ruda and England.

Grese West Atkins Hindley Ruda and England

Published special edition  of 50 filmarmalade at major art gallery's in London at the ICA BFI


Black & white

7 min, 7 sec

Patricia Shrigley’s Grese, West, Atkins, Hindley, Ruda & England, is filmed as a series of portraits which record the imagined of 5 infamous female criminals. Within each scene Shrigley acts out a hyper-real version of each persona, asking what is the difference between a murder and torture by an individual or by a government in the name of war be it the Nazi or the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Looking at torture and how there is a perverse sexual gratification for the giver.


Irma Grese, Rose west, Sadie Atkins,
Myra Hindley, Manuela Ruda, Lynndie England

Patricia Shrigley recently exhibited work at the Changing Room Gallery, London, the Brick Lane Gallery, London and at the Elevator Gallery, London. Her work has also been screened at the Berlinale, Berlin, Opica, Gijón and the Portobello Film Festival, London. She was born in the United Kingdom and currently lives and works in London.