Responding to Science and Math Education

The authors of Rising above the Gather Storm discussed measures that would ensure the number of high-quality jobs which respond to the need for clean affordable energy remain available. The strategically determined action plan revolves around four areas: K-12 education, economic policy, research and higher education.  The recommendations require that all levels of government funding commit to supporting programs ranging from recruiting teachers, strengthening educational programs, and supporting students in the science and mathematics at all levels from kindergarten through post graduate work. Incentives for innovation which would fuel the employment opportunities in the US are used not only in the form of scholarships but in the form of tax incentives, immigration options and teacher incentives. 

The intent of the article is to maintain the original power of the US in science and technology and to maintain the jobs that have originally been situated here. The question that must be asked is if this is possible during these stressful economic times. Is it possible to enhance our power in the world of science and math? Yes, I believe it is possible; however it does rest on being able to offer the educational structure that will support learning and will nurture budding bright minds that are waiting to bloom.

Sounds so easy to do however without the appropriate strategic funding there cannot be the strengthening of the intellectual market to provide the jobs and innovations necessary to move the economy forward. Everything that we do revolves around education, without which we will not be able to maintain the jobs in the US and thereby the economic advantages of our parents. The choice is ours as to where we place our priorities for the future of our children.