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Invite Dr. Anderson to speak with your parent group, teaching staff, or administrators on any area of child development, learning, motivation, child guidance and discipline, or early childhood practice and care. She can create a presentation exactly to fit your needs. Her warm, engaging manner and great knowledge are sure to make your event or professional development day memorable and useful.

Professional development hours and certificates of completion can be awarded for all our in-person presentations.
Online learning brings Dr. Anderson right to your home or workplace on your own schedule. Get videos on demand from our library of options, featuring the same content as presented in-person and with Dr. Anderson's engaging commentary. Or join Dr. Anderson for a live online webinar; find these on our EVENTS page.

Alternatively, schedule a live webinar as part of your next event or staff development day. This works especially well if you want the personal attention of an in-person presentation but live outside the Puget Sound area.

Professional development hours and certificates of completion can be awarded for all our online and live webinar presentations.
Dr. Anderson is a nationally-recognized speaker and trainer who will energize your audience at your organization's next conference. Dr. Anderson is skilled in delivering keynote addresses, plenary sessions, breakout sessions, and panel discussions. A compelling, funny, and informative speaker, Dr. Anderson will motivate and inspire attendees with up-to-date information and a clear sense of mission.

Dr. Anderson is author of Parenting: A Field Guide and Developmentally Appropriate Parenting.

Email or call Dr. Anderson directly to discuss your event goals and challenges, your intended outcomes, and your topic ideas. Together, you can make your upcoming event a great success.
Get individual help with your most vexing challenges and most puzzling decisions. Dr. Anderson will listen carefully, help you sort things through, and provide insight and options to solve the issues about children, families, and your own future that right now stand in your way.

Whether you are a center director or owner, an early childhood teacher or trainer, or a parent of a young child or adolescent, you can draw on Dr. Anderson's deep experience, wide knowledge, and fresh perspective to relieve your anxieties and reach a new and satisfying path.

Email or call Dr. Anderson in complete confidence.

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What Others Are Saying...

“What I liked most was Dr. Anderson’s ability to answer questions and concerns while sharing her wealth of knowledge. This was an excellent experience. I learned a lot and felt comfortable to share.”

“Patricia speaks with authority on a vast range of topics but she kept things focused on what we were most interested in. Very informative. I wish there had been more time.”

“Dr. Anderson is obviously highly knowledgeable and covered both ‘the basics’ as well as specific questions from the audience. She put complex terms in ‘plain English’ with sensitivity and humor. I wish we’d had more time!” 

“Great information for all parents, Dr. Anderson has figured out the ''right'' way to approach parenthood.”

“Thank you! From an educator and parent perspective, I greatly appreciate the reminder and reassurance! Skilled and engaging.”

“You spoke to a group I was leading and they absolutely loved it.  They talked about it for weeks actually.”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to come and speak to my group.  I could tell that your words worked wonders to calm many of the parents’ worries.  It was exciting to hear some of the latest research, and also to have an expert say that we don’t have to entertain our children every second (hallelujah!). I really appreciate you sharing your time and wisdom.”

“Thank you so much for coming to our staff meeting yesterday.  You had such great information to share, and it was one of our best meetings so far!”

About Dr. Anderson

Patricia Nan Anderson is an expert in child development and learning with over thirty years’ experience in innovative programming, public speaking and guidance of parents and teachers of young children.

Patricia holds a doctorate in Educational Psychology and is a member of the Early Childhood Education faculty at Walden University, where she concentrates on graduate student research. 

She is author of numerous books and articles for parents and teachers, including Parenting: A Field Guide and Developmentally Appropriate Parenting
Dr. Anderson is a sought-after speaker to early childhood staff, parents’ groups, teachers’ organizations, and social service agencies, particularly in areas of child development, parenting, and early learning. 

Dr. Anderson is the Managing Director of the Certified Trainer of Early Childhood Educators credential program and Director of the Association for Early Childhood Trainers and Educators. Her training organization, The Skillful Teacher, is an approved entity in Washington State and Illinois.