A Closer Look

A closer look at some chocolate advertisements. 



     Sex in female targeted ads are not limited to chocolate.  We see it all the time in ads for fashion, makeup, and even household supplies.  For every different product there is a different reason why those ads work, or perhaps don't work.  Chocolate advertisements are great example of how sex is used to sell things to women.  While sex is seen in many different kinds of ads these chocolate ads are peculiar for the type of sexual image they contain and its effectiveness.   



    These are just three of the many chocolate ads that use this technique.  The top two are from Ghirardelli and the last one is from Cadbury.  These ads show the women with their mouths open, excitingly placing the chocolate in their mouth. The sexual imagery here is clearly mimicking oral sex.  But what exactly is so exciting about fellatio to women?  How are these types of images supposed to sell this chocolate to women? 


     Maybe this is why!  Chocolate cannot get you pregnant!  You can enjoy the chocolate, I mean really enjoy it, and not have to worry about dealing with the man or getting pregnant.  Though this is a humorous ad, it does show how these ads give preference to chocolate instead of human relations.  


  If chocolate can make me "OOOOoooooo" and "MMMMMmmmmm"  then what do I need a man for?  This is another example, though admittedly more subtle, that shows how chocolate can satisfy needs that would normally be met by another person. 




     Some of these ads use obsession in their pitch.  They encourage you to "Indulge daily"  and will be "gratified instantly."  Even when there are not actual women who are sexing up the advertisement they use sexual statements give the feeling of sex. 




    For example, Reader's Digest (My Grandma gets this magazine!)  They say that their recipe for Chocolate Sensations is "Irresistible, Heavenly, Luscious, Tempting, and Sinful."  When chocolate becomes sinful and heavenly in the same sentence, there may be a problem.  The wording of ads like this one show that they are talking about much more than just chocolate. 

    These are just a few of the advertisements that need to be critically looked at.  By seeing how sex is being used in the advertisements, and with a knowledge of a woman's complicated, it becomes more clear some of the dangers that innocent looking ads like this can bring.