I am Professor at University Paris Nanterre (Economixand at Ecole Polytechnique - part time (Dpt Economie) and external member of CIRANO (Montréal).  
I am also:
Co-responsible of the chair for Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment (FDIR)
Member of the Economic Council for Sustainable Development (CEDD)
Member of the Socially Responsbile Investment label (labelisr)
Member of the Experts Committee of the Foundation for Energy Knowledge (connaisssancedesenergies.org)

email: patricia.crifo [a] gmail.com

Research and teaching fields
Corporate social and environmental responsibility and finance
    JEL Codes G32: Corporate finance and governance M14: Corporate social responsibility, L20: Firm Objectives, organization and behavior 
Green growth , Sustainable development , Biased technical change
    JEL Codes O33 - O10 Technological change and Economic development , J24 - J31: Human capital, occupational choice, wage inequality
Thèmes de recherche et d'enseignement:
Responsabilité sociale et environnementale et finance , Croissance verte , Développement Durable  , Progrès technique biaisé


Publications récentes / Recent publications (2016 - 2017)

Crifo P., Diaye MA., Oueghlissi R 2017.Measuring the effect of government ESG performance on sovereign borrowing cost. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. forthcoming.

Cavaco S., Crifo P., Réberioux A., Roudaut G. 2017. Independent directors: less informed but better selected than affiliated board members? Journal of Corporate Finance. 43, 106–121.

Cavaco S., Challe E., Crifo P., Réberioux A., Roudaut G. 2016. Board independence and operating performance:  Analysis on (French) company and individual data. Applied Economics: 5093-5105.

Crifo P. , Diaye MA., Pekovic, S.
2016. CSR related management practices and Firm Performance:  An Empirical Analysis of the Quantity-Quality Trade-off on French Data.
International Journal of Production Economics. 171( 3): 405–416.

Crifo P., Mottis N. 2016.  Socially Responsible Investment in France.
Business & Society. 55(4) 576 –593.

Crifo P., Rebérioux A. 2016. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: A typology of OECD countries
Journal of Governance and Regulation. 5(2), 14-27.

Benhamou, S., Diaye MA., Crifo P.,  2016. RSE et compétitivité. Evaluation et approche stratégique. Etude France Stratégie.english draft  french draft

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