Social Robotics Lab

Dr Caire launched and led the Social Robotics Lab (SRL) from January 2016 on. Dr Caire's SRL was originally part of Prof. Voos Automation & Robotics Research Group at Luxembourg University-SnT. More details on the SRL team here.

Objective: Modeling and development of autonomous robots that interact and communicate with humans or other autonomous physical agents by following social behaviors and rules attached to their roles.

Main activities include:
  • Launching and development of Luxembourg United, the first national Luxembourg robot soccer team to participate to international competitions, e.g. RoboCup in the SPL league (NAO) [1/2016- on-going] 1st prize Award of BdL at the FNR/Luxinnovation/Deloitte Innovation Forum 6/2016.

  • Concepts, models and prototypes for a Humanoid Robot Assistant for the History Museum of Luxembourg City in partnership with the City, using Softbank robotics most advanced robot: Pepper. Thanks to our research work on interaction with the NAO robot, we were selected to be among the first universities in EU and USA to use Pepper for research purposes. [1/2016-12/2018]

  • CoRobots: Cooperative robots of different kinds (UAVs and humanoids) interacting in Luxembourg Museum of Modern Art. We ran 15hours per week of scheduled demonstrations to the public during the 6 months period of the exhibition. [8/2014-1/2016]

  • CoPains project part 2: Collaborative Explanation and Response in Assisted Living Environments enhanced with Humanoid Robots proposal in cooperation with Imperial College London and UCL. Publication: Bikakis et Al. at ICAART 2016.

  • Interdisciplinary collaborations with Social Sciences Departments s.a.:
    • Museology study of the potential roles of robots in the museum space, and the perception of robots by the public, with the Identity, Politics, Society and Spaces (IPSE) group: . 300 questionnaires results presented at the Namur Museums conference 2016
    • Modeling and improving Human Robot Interaction (HRI) using conversation analysis and dialogism (reciprocal dynamics of real-time interactions) with the Science of Education & Society ECCS group. Upcoming publication In the International Journal of Social Robotics, 2017, Arend, Sunnen, Caire, Eyjelfson and Voos, „Investigating breakdowns in HRI: a CA guided single case study of a human-NAO communication in a museum environment“. Public Seminar at Mudam: May 2016
    • Interactive Media study of multi modal human-robot interaction and interaction models using Activity theory, with the Digital Interaction and Communication Analysis (DICA) group of Dr. Max.
    • On going work and joint presentation with VdL Art Historian and museologue MP Jungblutt, at the 2016 Digital Museums conference in Liege.

      SRL project examples: Robot Soccer Team and Museum Assistant
      SRL project examples: Robot Soccer Team and Humanoid Museum Assistant