Dr. Patrice Caire

University of Luxembourg
Interdisciplinary Center for Security and Trust (SnT)

Email: patrice.caire[at]uni.lu

Selected news:
Feb. 16, 2016, Luxemburger Wort: "Niloo, the robot who can save lives", Front Page and Economy Section [p10-11], et Web-video version.
(Julie et Patrice en couverture), Cover story of
City Magazine "Julie's, Robotic Interaction", ITnation.lu "Des Robots dans l'equipe du MUDAM", CoRobots@MUDAM (Luxemburger Wort video), The making of CoRobots@MUDAM (SnT Flagship video and article), Journal Le Monde Sept. 3 "Quand l'art et la science se melent et s'emmelent" (front page et page 16) et Le Monde Sept 2, 2015: "Art de Laboratoire". More on CoRobots coverage here.

"Un Copain en Cas de Pepin - Une maison connectee pour sauver des vies" [Luxemburger Wort article], "Meet Niloo - the future of home help" [Watch the video], and on YouTube.

  • FNR Award for Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public 2013 [Announcement], [watch the demo]
  • Best Research Paper Award at the 21st IEEE International Requirements Engineering (RE) Conference, Rio de Janeiro 2013 [Press Announcement]
  • Best Research Paper Award at the International Conference on Agreement Technologies, Beijing 2013
Short Bio
  • 2012-Current
    Research Associate at the University of Luxembourg Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), in the Automation Research Group (ARG) of Prof. Voos. Launched the Social Robotics Lab, which she currently leads.
    Project Initiator and Lead on the CoRobots@MUDAM project supported by Ville de Luxembourg, and on the CoRobotsForVdL for the two largest National museums of the City of Luxembourg.
    Previously, associated to the Security, Design and Validation Research Group (SERVAL) of prof. LeTraon: Project Initiator and Lead of the CoPAInS project (Conviviality and Privacy in Ambient Intelligence Systems); Vice-PI (Principal Investigator) and project Lead on the POST Luxembourg Smart Home project SERCOM.
  • 2011-2010
    Research Fellow in Prof. Patrick Heymans' group at the PReCISE research centre, Computer Science department, University of Namur (FUNDP), Belgium.
  • 2010-2006
    PhD in computer science, graduated with grade “Outstanding” under Prof. van der Torre, Luxembourg University, ICR group.
  • 3-year project with the city of Luxembourg on the topic of conviviality in artificial social systems based on a actual use cases provided by the city of Luxembourg.
  • 2006-1999
    Stanford Research Institute (SRI) Menlo Park, California, Virtual Reality Lab: Initiated and lead the Cyberhead VR project.
    Previously: Human Computer interaction research and application at San Francisco Internet company Scient, and Netscape/AOL-Time Warner in Mountain View, California.
  • 1999-1994
    Master of Science in Computer Science from New York University under Prof. Dr. Jack Schwartz. Research Assistant at NYU Media Lab. Special Interest Topic: "Non-verbal Communication over the Internet".
  • Previously
    MFA, AKA, Vienna, BFA, ENSAAMA, Paris. Examples of P. Caire work with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and installations: Crash! Art Implants Reject Emotions (CAIRE), and Compressed Adventures Inhibiting Robotic Emotions (C.A.I.R.E. 93).
More detailed CV [pdf]
Portrait of Patrice Caire by Sciences.lu [watch the video]

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