Dr. Patrice Caire

University of Luxembourg
Interdisciplinary Center for Security and Trust (SnT)

Email: patrice.caire[at]uni.lu

Latest selected news: PaperJam (Julie et Patrice en couverture), Cover story of City Magazine (Julie's, Robotic Interaction), ITnation.lu (Des Robots dans l'equipe du MUDAM), CoRobots@MUDAM (Luxemburger Wort video), The making of CoRobots@MUDAM (video and PR by University-SnT), Journal Le Monde Sept. 3 "Quand l'art et la science se melent et s'emmelent" (front page et page 16) et Le Monde Sept 2: "Art de Laboratoire"

- "Un Copain en Cas de Pepin - Une maison connectee pour sauver des vies" [article], "
-"Meet Niloo - the future of home help" [Watch the video], and on YouTube.

  • FNR Award for Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public 2013 [Announcement], [watch the demo]
  • Best Research Paper Award at the 21st IEEE International Requirements Engineering (RE) Conference, Rio de Janeiro 2013 [Press Announcement]
  • Best Research Paper Award at the International Conference on Agreement Technologies, Beijing 2013
Short Bio
  • 2012-Current
    Research Associate at the University of Luxembourg Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), in the Automation Research Group of Prof. Voos. Project lead on the MUDAM-VdL project (Robotic museum tour guide) and previously in the Security Design and Validation Research Group – SERVAL of prof. LeTraon: leader of the CoPAInS project (Conviviality and Privacy in Ambient Intelligence Systems) and Vice-PI (Principal Investigator) and project lead on the POST Luxembourg Smart Home project SERCOM.
  • 2011-2010
    Research Fellow in Prof. Patrick Heymans' group at the PReCISE research centre, Computer Science department, University of Namur (FUNDP), Belgium.
  • 2010-2006
    PhD in computer science, graduated with grade “Outstanding” under Prof. van der Torre, Luxembourg University, ICR group.
  • 3-year project with the city of Luxembourg on the topic of conviviality in artificial social systems based on a actual use cases provided by the city of Luxembourg.
  • 2009-2000
    Stanford Research Institute - SRI, California, Virtual Reality Lab: Initiated and lead the Cyberhead VR project.
    Previously, Information Architect at Scient (San Francisco) and Human Computer interaction research at Netscape / AOL-Time Warner (Mountain View, California).
  • 1999-1994
    Master of Science in Computer Science from New York University under Prof. Dr. Jack Schwartz. Research Assistant at NYU Media Lab. Special Interest Topic: "Non-verbal Communication over the Internet".
  • Previously
    MFA, AKA, Vienna, BFA, ENSAAMA, Paris. Examples of P. Caire work with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and installations: Crash! Art Implants Reject Emotions (CAIRE), and Compressed Adventures Inhibiting Robotic Emotions (C.A.I.R.E. 93).
More detailed CV [pdf]
Portrait of Patrice Caire by Sciences.lu [watch the video]

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