Math 6

To Parents and Students: 

Welcome to Mr. Patovisti's Math 6 class for 2012-2013.  I look forward to working with you to become a better all around student.  My job is to help you to do well in school.  I believe if you pay attention in class and do the homework you will earn an A, B or C.  We will usually be covering a section every two days. 

As we begin a new school year it is important for students to understand appropriate behavior, being on time and the academic expectations that are required of them.  I hope to have your assistance and support with your child in order to make this a productive and enjoyable school year.  You can help me tremendously by reviewing this plan with your child.  Besides the school's goals of BEST (Be safe, Be responsible and Be respectful), the following are some added expectations for my class. 

RESPECT:  Respecting others, their property and ourselves will be our main behavioral goal.  All students have the right to learn and any classroom interference will affect that right and will not be tolerated. 

RESPONSIBILITY:  Each student must be responsible for his/her words and actions.  Each student must be responsible for any exam or homework missed that was assigned.  Each student must follow directions and rules at all times. 

RULES:  Students must be in their seats and ready to work when the bell rings for class or be marked tardy.  Whispering is appropriate after the bell rings.  There is no eating in class.  Water is permitted (no flavored water).  Gum is not allowed on school campus.  Students have the right to speak and be heard, so please take turns speaking by raising your hand.  Do not interrupt others.  Students will use the daily planner provided by the school to help with their organization of assignments. 

REWARDS:  Awesome behavior/academic performance or improved behavior/academic performance will be rewarded in different ways.  1)  Calling or emailing parent/guardian.  2)  Verbal/Non-verbal positive praise.  3)  Homework/Quiz passes are also handed out. 

CONSEQUENCES:  1)  Reminder of appropriate behavior.  2)  A personal conversation with teacher.  3)  A conversation with parent, teacher and student.  4)  Writing of reflections signed by student and parent. 

ATTENDANCE:  Being at school everyday and on time will ensure a more efficient learning process.  Missing school means losing out on valuable learning and possibly falling behind.  Please call the school if your child is going to be absent.  Each student gets one free tardy each quarter for my class only.  A free tardy not used will not be rolled over to the next quarter. 

TEXTBOOKS:  It is the students' responsibility to maintain the textbooks and the planner issued to them and to safeguard them from loss.  All books must be covered.  If lost or damaged, the school requires the parent to pay the replacement cost.  Math 6:  $76.43 

MATERIALS/NOTES: Students are expected to have pencil(s), eraser(s) and binder paper/notebook for daily notes.  If you need support with materials see Mr. Patovisti. 

HEADINGS:  All assignments will be headed according to the model given to students in class.  Class, assignment, name, date and period in the upper right corner of each assignment in pen. 

HOMEWORK/GRADING POLICY:  SPELLING COUNTS!  The homework will be assigned daily and will be an extension of the material covered in class.  Homework is expected to be completed/attempted and will be checked for correctness the following day upon entering the classroom.  Homework is due the next day when the bell rings.  Homework will be checked entirely for a grade, random numbers of homework will be checked/graded and homework will be checked/graded by completion of entire assignment/attempted entire assignment.  NO LATE HOMEWORK!  You will earn 2 points for all problems attempted and completed.  You will earn 1 point for incomplete homework which is not fully attempted and completed.  You will earn 0 points if you have nothing to show me and you will call your mother or father in class at that moment to inform.  If assignment is not done the student may finish completely anytime for half-credit.  Students will be given one day for each day excused to turn in their work.  Please encourage your child to call a classmate/friend or check the website when absent in order to make-up missed things.  NO SKIPPING OF STEPS UNLESS OTHERWISE STIPULATED!  Homework for Math 6 is 40% of your grade. 


EXAMS/QUIZZES:  Exams and quizzes will be given often.  Exams will cover each chapter and sometimes two exams for a chapter.  Exams will be announced usually two days in advance with a  review.  Quizzes will be announced and unannounced.  Complete sentences and correct spelling will be enforced on quizzes in my class with definitions, vocabulary and proper grammar.  There will be pop warm-up quizzes, pop notes quizzes and pop homework quizzes which can be given on any given day and are usually unannounced.  It is not uncommon to have a quiz a day per week or numerous quizzes per day.  If you understand what we are covering in class you will do great on the quizzes and on the exams.  All the exam and quiz problems come from the homework, quizzes and warm-ups.  A warm-up will be given daily to check for understanding of the concepts.  Exams/quizzes for Math 6 is 60% of your grade.  

PROGRESS REPORTS:  Each student will get a progress report periodically throughout each quarter.  Expect a progress report at least twice each quarter.  All progress reports/exam corrections are required to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the teacher the following day. 

I anticipate a great year of learning and rewarding experiences together.  I welcome calls, emails, conferences and classroom visits from parents/guardians.  You may reach me at 510-489-0700 ext. 60586 or by email at  You may also reach me at

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Mathematically Yours,

Mr. Patovisti

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