Little Boy Lost

Pat O'Connor

Sorrow is a river that runs so very deep filled always with the  tears of the lost children

Pat O'Connor

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       Little Boy Lost

Little boy lost...why do you sit alone in the frigid night air... alone on the first stair?

Little boy lost...what is it you fear? Are there monsters hiding in the dark at the top of the stairs? Or is it the rage and anger of those who have so brutlized your young body?

Little boy lost... why do you cry? Is it from the pain and sorrow that has already seared your tender spirit? Or is it the bitter lonilness that comes only from abandonment?

Little boy lost.... where is your mom, to wipe those tears.... or your dad to hold you in his comforting arms?

Little boy lost... so all alone ... so all alone.

Take my hand my little friend. Together we'll find your place, we'll find your home.
Sorrow is a river that runs so very deep, and never really ever goes away.

But beside the river you can plant a garden. You can fill it full of beautiful flowers and trees. It can be a sanctuary where hummingbirds and butterflies dance and play, a place where robins and bluebirds fill the air. Your hideaway where sweet music drifts downward from the boughs of the trees.

A home, where joy begins anew and where your spirit can be healed by the warmth of a new sun.

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