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Against our Fear

Fearful, God, we are fearful

even though you yourself said

“Do not fear; I will be with you.”

We cannot help oursleves

We are fearful

for our families

for our jobs

for our insecurities

We are fearful

that we have it all wrong

that we are wrong about you

that everyone will know

our secrets


We are fearful…of you

because we can hide notihng

from you


Our insecurities, our secrets,

our fears all are laid

bare before you

and we are terrified

We fear you but for all

the wrong reasons

and in all the wrong ways


So we ask, God, against

our fear that you be with

us that you be our

strength and shield that 

you take away everything

that makes us fearful

And we ask fearfully, 

knowing that

you will answer.

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