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       Christopher Construction LLC Hunterdon County NJ
             Home Improvement Contractor Serving All of New Jersey
Christopher Construction LLC Hardscape solution contractor ,What is Hardscape ? It combines Landscaping Contractor practices with the skilled craftsmanship of a Mason Contractor creating ,walkways,patio's,retaining walls,etc. Making for practical usable spaces for areas that would other wise be wasted space. With our Free design program & experience in this field you can be assured that your space will live up to it's full potential. 
                                               Extension Of Your Living Space Brought To The Outdoors
  Together Christopher Construction LLC & our New Jersey clients have utilized local suppliers & vendors to reach our desired design goals.Making use of past designs & innovative thinking
 CST Pavers with Anchor Block making for a grand entrance
                                                                   Patio with  Natutal Stone Flagging Softens any back yard
                                              New Jersey's Hardscape & Masonry Design Contractor  
                    Some of the service we offer to our customers in NJ with our Landscape & Mason division 
* Porch rebuild or New             * Thin Veneer Stone   * Retaining Walls
* Patio's                                    *  Raised Terrace         * Tile
* Sidewalks                               * Brick                          * Stone Flagging
* Fireplace                                * Pavers                       * Fireplace front (indoors)
* Cultured Stone                       * Waterfalls                 * Out Door Kitchens
* Full Veneer Stone                  * Ponds