Biotechnologies and Biodiversity

  • The bee tree of life: a supermatrix approach to apoid phylogeny and biogeography (S.M. Hedtke, S. Patiny & B.N. Danforth), HIGHLY ACCESSED in BMC Evolutionary Biology
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  • I am working on a phylogeny of the Panurginae.  I hope to achieve it by this summer - updates will be posted
  • A new page -for my virOFF project- will appear here in 2014 (let's hope so)

Take care my contact address will be (after April 25)    :    rue Petit Bois 22, 6120 Ham-sur-Heure, Belgium

Selected publications 

Patiny S. 2011.  Evolution of plant-pollinator Relationships.  Cambridge University Press (Patiny S. ed.): 504p

Hedtke S.M., Patiny S., Danforth B.N.  The bee tree of life: a supermatrix approach to apoid phylogeny and biogeographyBMC Evolutionary BiologySubmitted

Veithen A., Patiny S., Wilkin F., Philippeau M., Chatelain P. 2009.  OR5D3P, a pseudogene with a functional activity potential.  Poster presented in Association for Chemoreception Sciences 31st Annual meeting in Sarasota (Florida).  Poster                 

Patiny S., Michez D., Kuhlmann M., Pauly A., and Y. Barbier.  2009.  Factors limiting the species richness of bees in Saharan Africa.  Bulletin of Entomological Research.  99(4): 337-346

 image credit: Denis Michez (UMH)

contact: Dr Patiny Sébastien
rue Petit Bois 22
6120 Ham-sur-Heure