What Is Mine To Do?

I believe that we uniquely embody what is in our spirit to manifest to our world.  There are three areas that I particularly want to cultivate and nurture in others through all my work:
listening, embodiment, and  integration.
Listening is a way of being fully present to ourselves, God and all of life with an open compassionate heart.  This is a movement of opening and  acceptance so that the life-giving Spirit can come forth, creative and free, and move in its own way and time toward wholeness and well-being.  Listening incorporates reverence for ourselves, being attentive for the divine within.  This listening expands to others, the earth, and all of life, and we begin to experience the interconnection, that oneness which we  share with all living beings.
I offer this sacred listening through spiritual direction,  mentoring and groups.

is an ongoing awareness and commitment to live in our bodies, open to the wisdom in our cells.  As embodied humans, we can continually access and honor, notice and nurture what is within our cells.  This allows for the free flow of life within us, connected to the deep Flow of Life (God) and leads to wholeness and integrity.
I offer this practice in spiritual direction and mentoring, particularly through the modalities of bio-spiritual focusing (www.biospiritual.org), healing from the core (www.healingfromthecore.com) and  the Institute of HeartMath (www.heartmath.org).  I also lead practices in workshops and retreats that ground, nurture and relax our bodies.
is the living out of our uniqueness and being true to who we are.  Our actions flow from our soul, our true self and what feels most right, most congruent with who we are created to be.  We embody our deepest desires for ourself and the world.   We feel at home with ourselves and free to be who we are. 
This is the movement that I invite and nurture in all my work: a movement toward wholeness and integration. 
I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly.  John 10:10