Spiritual Direction
Be Still and Know That I Am God (Psalm 46:10)
Spiritual direction is an ongoing relationship in which one person meets with another person on a regular basis for the purpose of  listening to God.  The person in direction is seeking to attend to his/her spiritual life and to respond more fully to God's Presence in all of life.  During the meeting of about an hour, director and directee seek to enter a prayerful atmosphere where they can be attentive to the Holy spirit who is in fact the Real Director. The directee is welcome to bring whatever is going on in their life.  The director may question, challenge, validate, suggest, and encourage as they listen with special attention to how God is present and what might be noticed and claimed by the directee.
It is assumed that the directee has begun a journey with God long before he or she comes to direction  and that this intentional journey will continue long after leaving a particular director.  This experience is usually one hour per  month and  can take place in person or on the phone.  All that is shared is confidential.  
Some people seek spiritual direction for ongoing support for their life in God over many years.  Others just want to try it  for a short period of time.  Others seek this support during a crisis or particular discernment.   There is no rule about how long a person continues; what is honored is a person's desire to be faithful to who they are and who God is in their life.  
Compensation for this varies from person to person in order to make it available to all those who seek it. If money is used for this exchange, a range of $35-75 is requested per session.  If a person chooses to barter a skill or talent, that can also be arranged.