Prayerful Mentoring
Prayerful mentoring is a process that offers support, encouragement, accountability and challenge to a person who wants to deepen contemplative life and leadership.   Questions for reflection precede this conversation and are used as a springboard to address joys, blessings, concerns, and issues in a particular aspect of life or leadership.    The following themes could also be addressed in each session:  compassion, collaboration, creativity and courage.   The intent is to deepen the openness for and response to God, in all of one's life. 
These sessions are designed for those who desire prayerful and focused attention to deepen and expand their life in God, especially in a particular area of life or leadership.  
Fees range from $60-75 per session (usually an hour long) and can be in person or on the phone.  It is possible to arrange one session as a trial to experience how this could be empowering in one's life.  All that is shared is confidential.