Parenting Booklet
When my daughter was three, I searched for ways to integrate my spirituality with my experience of parenting.  There was little written that was helpful.  There were lots of books on parenting skills, information about raising children and teaching children about God, but I was looking for something that addressed what was going on in me.  Parenting was much more challenging than any spiritual practice that I had encountered or considered.  It was the most selfless, eye-opening, discipline that I had ever experienced.  I never could have foreseen this.  As one who had been on an intentional spiritual journey for over 15 years, life with a daughter threw me totally out of whack;  I seemcd to have lost my sense of direction toward God.  So I lived with the question; where is God in the midst of all this?                               excerpt from:  Parenting: A Sacred Path by Patience Robbins 
Themes include: 
The Starting Place: Know and Honor Yourself as a Parent
Invitation To See Anew
Service and Self-Giving
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
Compassion for Ourselves
Entrusting Our Children to God: Letting Go 
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