Sacred Listening Circles

Sacred Listening Circles, also known as group spiritual direction, are small groups of people who come together and listen to God with and for each other.  Four or five people gather monthly, spend some time in silence and then take turns sharing something about their life and  receiving responses from the others in the group.

 These circles are mutual, prayerful, respectful and honor the uniqueness of each person.  They cultivate and support a discerning heart, paying attention to Spirit in all of life.  Care is taken to offer prayerful listening, which comes out of silent prayer rather than figuring out, giving advice, lecturing or analyzing. 

A sacred space is created where each person can feel safe, and trust that the Holy One is present, active and loving and thus,  can risk sharing what is deep within and be reverently received.

Group members agree to keep confidentiality and to pray for each other during and between meetings.  The process also provides a brief review at the end of each gathering in order to notice how the group upheld the prayerful listening space for and with each other.

 I can facilitate and mentor a new group, in person or by phone.  Hand-outs and materials are available that review the process and speak to the potential of transformation as we practice and deepen our listening of the Divine within, among and all around us.