This project would not have been possible were it not for the generous contributions of time and financial resources by a number of different people and organizations.  I am truly humbled to have had this opportunity to bring Paths II: The Music of Trees to the Washington Park Arboretum and will be forever grateful to those who made this possible.

For their extraordinary generosity and for enabling this installation to come to life I would like to thank:

The University of Washington Botanic Gardens
The Arboretum Foundation
UW School of Music
UW Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS)
The Puffin Foundation
Over 75 generous individuals who donated funds towards the project

For their support, guidance and belief in my work I would like to thank:

Richard Karpen
Sarah Reichard
Juan Pampin
David Zuckerman
James Coupe
Fred C. Hoyt
Melia Watras
Iain Robertson

For their time, energy and expertise I would like to thank:

Chris Watson
Kate Clark
Jimmy Johnson
Bernie Fischlowitz-Roberts
Ellen Aresty
Jeff Aresty
Daria Binkowski
Arboretum Staff
Tracy Mehlin
Aileen Imperial
Eamon McQuaide
Carrie Cone
Bryan Pilkington
Erika Straus-Bowers
Mario Nima
Niall Dunne
Patricia Chinn-Sloan
Rob Faucett
Chris Mandick
Adam Sedgley
Julia Parrish
Dennis Paulson
Jack Stephens

For their helpful customer service I would like to thank:

Tyler at Seattle Marine and Fishing Supply
Foster-Wills Alternative Energy
The employees at:
Tacoma Screw in Ballard
EDJ Precision Machine

For their love and support I would like to thank all of my family and friends, and especially my husband, Bernie, and my mom and dad.