Artist Bio

Seattle-based composer and sound artist Abby Aresty investigates the world through its sounds, creating powerful sonic explorations from even the most mundane objects.  Her work crosses paths with diverse disciplines, from collaborations in dance, film, and music, to continuing research in explorations of breath through garment-based body sensing and environmental sound installations in Washington Arboretum.  Each endeavor brings a series of new inspirations, challenges, and questions. 

A co-founder of the Liminal Project, a Seattle-based performance initiative, Aresty's music has been performed across the U.S. and abroad.  She has received commissions through the Hanson Institute for American Music and from the Ossia New Music Ensemble at the Eastman School of Music.  Her works and collaborations have been featured in festivals including the Visual Music Marathon, the International Computer Music Conference, in Montreal, and the ImageMovementSound Festival in Rochester, NY.

Aresty is especially excited by opportunities to collaborate with musicians and artists from across disciplines; it's been her good fortune over the years to work with gifted artists and musicians whose creativity has pushed the boundaries of her music. The City Newspaper of Rochester, NY, hailed her interdisciplinary collaboration with choreographer Missy Pfohl Smith and filmmaker Jesse Spielman, 'EXCESS' as, "[blending] the best facets of modern dance, film and sound..." 

Aresty has won awards including the Bernard Rogers Memorial Prize in Composition, and the Fannie Bigelow Prize for women in leadership, and studied both acoustic and computer music with renowned composers including Richard Karpen, Juan Pampin, Bright Sheng, Michael Daugherty, Evan Chambers, Erik Santos, Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, and David Liptak. Aresty earned her bachelor's degree in composition at the Eastman School of Music, her master's degree at the University of Michigan and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Washington.

Sound surrounds us constantly, informing our daily lives in profound ways; Aresty's works aim to engage her audience with their sound environment, challenging them to listen deeply to the world around them.