The Story

This section is all about helping create a great gaming experience. The tools here include:

  • The Town Crier, which will bring to the players news of the world around them.¬† Stories there may or may not have direct impact on the current adventure, but in all cases will help to bring the world to life.
  • The Archives, a central repository for files related to the current campaign.¬† Maps of the surrounding areas, portraits of people, monsters, and items, and even general tools like character sheets and player's guides might all be found here.
  • Memorable NPC's, a list of interesting people we meet in our travels. Anyone we might want to remember at a later date might earn an entry here, be they friend or foe.
  • Role Playing, a section for in-character posts relevant to the adventure and just generally exploring the characters' interactions with each other and the campaign setting
  • Session Journals. for players and GM's to record ¬†memorable moments to look back on down the road. Done consistently, it's a great chronicle to have when the campaign is over
  • The Tavern, an out-of-character bulletin board to discuss the current, past, or future adventures, the news of the day, favorite sports teams, etc. It's a tavern.
  • Dice Roller, for making verifiable online dice rolls, which eliminates drama before it can start in the case of online games