Pathfinder RPG Campaign Website Template
Updated May 26, 2011, 6:50 PM
This is a template for Paizo Pathfinder campaign websites,but can be adapted to any setting. It enhances the gaming experience with sections for role playing,character journals,party loot log,and a section for the DM to enter information about what's going on in the game world. There's a file locker for maps,handouts,etc,and a dice roller. I've included printable spell-area-of-effect templates I made. Everything is in complete compliance with Paizo's Community Use policy.
Use template

This section is to help the DM tell the story he wants to tell. The tools here include:

  • Happenings, which will bring to the players news of the world around them.  Stories there may or may not have direct impact on the current adventure, but in all cases will help to bring the world to life.
  • The Library, where all manner of files are stored.  Maps of the surrounding areas, portraits of people, monsters, and items, and even general tools like character sheets and player's guides might all be found here.
  • Supporting Cast, a list of interesting people we meet in our travels. Anyone we might want to remember at a later date might earn an entry here, be they friend or foe.

There is absolutely no reason to limit ourselves to these things if we think of anything else that will enhance the storytelling.  Just let me know what you'd like to do and either go ahead and implement it or I will do it for you.