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Cruoromancer (Wizard; Dhampir)

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The cruoromancer is an archetype of the wizard class, available to dhampir wizards.

To those who know how to manipulate it, the blood of a dhampir can be a powerful component to magic. A cruoromancer infuses his necromantic magic with the power of his unique mixture of living blood and undead ichor. As his power increases in this strange arcane art, a cruoromancer finds potent ways to infuse his unique blood with necromancy spells.

Class Features

A cruoromancer has the following class features:

Blood Infusion (Su)

When a cruoromancer casts a spell of the necromancy school, he can opt to infuse that spell with his undead-tainted blood as a swift action. As he increases in level, the power and effects of such infusions become more potent. Each time a cruoromancer uses blood infusion, he drains a portion of his own blood either by cutting himself with a blade or by opening a scab from a previous wound. When he does this, he takes an amount of damage equal to 1d4 + the level of the spell being infused. A cruoromancer can only affect a spell with a single type of blood infusion. At 1st level, he can infuse his necromancy spells in either of the following ways.

Focused Infusion: When the cruoromancer uses this infusion, he adds +1 to the DC of the infused necromancy spell.

Sickening Infusion: When the cruoromancer uses this infusion, any creature damaged by the infused necromancy spell becomes sickened for 1 round.

This ability replaces arcane bond.

Blood Command (Su)

At 5th level, a cruoromancer can control up to 5 Hit Dice worth of undead creatures per caster level instead of the normal 4 Hit Dice of undead when casting the animate dead spell. He also gains the following blood infusion ability.

Commanding Infusion: When using this infusion with animate dead, the cruoromancer can create a number of Hit Dice of undead equal to three times his caster level instead of twice his caster level.

This ability replaces the 5th-level wizard bonus feat.

Blood Desecration (Su)

At 10th level, a cruoromancer gains the following blood infusion.

Desecrating Infusion: When the cruoromancer uses this infusion, he can choose to center a desecrate effect on himself or a single target of the spell modified by this infusion (he chooses upon casting). This effect is like the desecrate spell, but lasts for 1 minute per caster level of the cruoromancer, and does not interact with altars, shrines, or permanent fixtures that boost the desecrate effect.

This ability replaces the 10th-level wizard bonus feat.

Blood Ability (Su)

At 15th level, a cruoromancer can choose to scry through a single undead creature he created with a spell modified by a commanding infusion. The undead creature is treated as if imbued with an arcane eye spell (caster level equal to the cruoromancer's wizard level).

This ability replaces the 15th-level wizard bonus feat.

Perfect Infusion (Su)

At 20th level, a cruoromancer can use his blood infusions without taking damage.

This ability replaces the 20th-level wizard bonus spell*.

Editor's Note

The text states that Perfect Infusion replaces the "20th-level Wizard bonus spell", but it is likely that the intent was to have this ability replace the 20th-level bonus feat.