Ranger Spells (3pp)

    1st-Level Ranger Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

    Spell Name Comp. Description Source
    Bear Claws     4W:BoDM
    Borrow Skill   Use target creature’s ranks in one skill. RP:101-1
    Calling the Flock Home     4W:BoDM
    Clear Jam   Any barrel jams in the target firearm are cleared.  AE:ToS
    Compass     4W:BoDM
    Daze Animal   Dazes one animal of 4 or fewer HD. RP:101-0
    Deadeye   As bomber’s eye, but it applies to ranged weapons that are not thrown. SGG:110SV
    Deep Shadows   Enhances shadows so they grant minor concealment bonus. RP:101-1
    Detect Blight     4W:BoDM
    Detect Disease     4W:BoDM
    Detect Enemy   As detect undead, but it detects creatures against which you have a favored enemy bonus. SGG:110SV
    Divine Mark     4W:BoDM
    Divine Mark   This spell functions exactly as arcane mark does for sorcerers and wizards. TO:FF
    Divining Rod   Use natural spirits as a guide to food or water. RP:101-0
    Dry Camp     4W:BoDM
    Elemental Beast   As elemental touch, but effecting animals and magical beasts. SGG:110SV
    Hidden Shelter   Creates a camouflaged shelter from the surrounding materials. RP:101-1
    Hot Pursuit     4W:BoDM
    Ignore   Distracted creature suffers a –5 penalty to Perception checks. RP:101-1
    Jam Barrel   Your successful melee touch attack causes a jam in the targeted firearm. AE:ToS
    Keen Senses   Doubles range of sight, +2 bonus on Perception checks. RP:101-1
    Land on Your Feet     4W:BoDM
    Mental Sentinel   Gain a +2 perception bonus or expend the spell for a +2 bonus to initiative RP:101-1
    Mistsight   You can see through mist, fog, and rain. RP:101-1
    Moonblade     4W:BoDM
    Poison Weapon   As magic weapon, but weapon becomes coated with poison. RP:101-1
    Potent Weapon   Weapon gains bonuses against a specific foe. RP:101-1
    Self-Loading Bolts   Target bolts automatically load. RP:101-1
    Spikes of the Locust Tree   Improves grapple and Escape Artist checks (Immediate). RP:101-1
    Spirit Guide     4W:BoDM
    Summon Weapon   Melee or ranged weapon of your choice (Immediate). RP:101-1
    Tunnel   You gain a burrow speed through dirt. RP:101-1
    Undetectable Poison   Allows you to mask the presence of poisons. RP:101-1
    War Paint     4W:BoDM
    War Paint   You imbue normal face paint with divine energy causing foes to become shaken. TO:FF
    Woodcraft   As crafter’s fortune, but the bonus is to the next Knowledge (nature) or Survival check. SGG:110SV

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    2nd-Level Ranger Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

    Spell Name Comp. Description Source
    Analyze Ancestry M   4W:BoDM
    Arboreal Archer   You grant limited intelligence to a plant enabling it to hurl missiles at a designated target. RP:101-2
    Augment Poison   Changes a poison's DC, adds +1 to ability damage, and adds 1 round to its duration. RP:101-2
    Bloodhound     4W:BoDM
    Contingent Light Healing   Target that takes 4 or more damage instantly heals 1d8 hit points. RP:101-2
    Dire Form   Animals or magical beasts become feral and more powerful. RP:101-2
    Dust Wall   Curtain of airborne dust grants soft cover, blinds living creatures. RP:101-2
    Envenomed Skin   The caster's skin becomes mottled with poison-filled pustules that can burst in a 5-ft. radius. RP:101-2

    Teaches target animals the disarm combat maneuver. 4W:S&T
    Flexarmor   You reduce the armor check penalty and arcane spell failure chance for a single set of armor or a shield. RP:101-2
    Fool's Luck   Touched creature is briefly luckier against traps, hazards, poisons and diseases. RP:101-2
    Luckwing   Summons a 1-ft.long butterfly; caster can see, hear, and feel everything the butterfly does. RP:101-2
    Magnify Vision

    Double the range of your vision
    Mire of Stone and Earth   Earth entangle foes. RP:101-2
    Nauseating Pollen   You conjure a cloud of pollen that inflicts the nauseated condition. RP:101-2
    Premonition     4W:BoDM
    Readied Pistol   Target firearm is loaded and can be fired immediately. AE:ToS
    Scout's Hike   Target receives +2 to Dex, +4 to Stealth checks, and base land speed increases by 10 feet. RP:101-2
    Silent and Unseen     4W:BoDM
    Sword of the Elf Mother     4W:BoDM
    Talon Tagalong

    You are weightless for a flying creature that is carrying you.
    Unseen Guardian   Creates magical sensor that alerts you to danger. RP:101-2
    Web Shelter   You create a small but relatively secure shelter out of sticky webs. RP:101-2
    Wildheart   Target gains physical ability and speed bonuses. RP:101-2

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    3rd-Level Ranger Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

    Spell Name Comp. Description Source
    Accelerate Decay   You deal 1d6 hit points per level and suppress the fast healing ability of undead. RP:101-3
    Airsphere   You create a sphere of fresh air around the individual or object touched; it also negates one breath weapon attack. RP:101-3
    Animal Mind   Subject believes it’s a specific kind of animal. RP:101-3
    Beast’s Curse   Target is incessantly hounded by animals. RP:101-3
    Companion’s Vengeance   If your companion sustains damage, you or your companion receives a morale bonus to the next attack and damage roll. RP:101-3
    Deepsight   Extend darkvision by 60 ft. RP:101-3
    Forest Walk   You move more easily through undergrowth. RP:101-3
    Halt Plants   Holds plant creatures immobile. RP:101-3
    Hand of the Marksman   Your firearm or crossbow attack is an automatic critical threat. RP:101-3
    Lost   Subject moves at half speed in a random direction each round. RP:101-3
    Phantom Ambush     4W:BoDM
    Plant Spy   Turn a plant into a recording device. RP:101-3
    Predatory Stealth   Target creatures become harder to detect. RP:101-3
    Primeval Might   You gain a number of bonuses versus fey, magical beast and plant creatures. RP:101-3
    Psychic Twin   You and target share skill ranks, neither can be surprised nor flanked unless both are. RP:101-3
    Spirit Guide, Greater     4W:BoDM
    Troll Arms   Creature gains increased Strength and reach. RP:101-3
    Weapons Storm   You create force duplicates of your weapon that hit what you hit. RP:101-3

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    4th-Level Ranger Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

    Spell Name Comp. Description Source
    Allfeast   As allfood, but is tasty and also provides the bonuses (though not curative) of heroes’ feast . SGG:110SV
    Arrow of Vengeance   Obtain vengeance with a (un)holy arrow attack BP:VR
    Call Totem Animal     4W:BoDM
    Fires of Renewal     4W:BoDM
    Scout   As share senses, but targets a friendly animal or magical beast. SGG:110SV

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