Paladin Spells (3pp)

    1st-Level Paladin Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

    Spell Name M/F Description Source
    Calling the Flock Home     4W:BoDM
    Clarity of the Faith
    Gives the target a +5 bonus to Knowledge (religion) checks regarding your faith. RP:101-1
    Detect Charm
    Determines whether a creature is under a charm effect. RP:101-0
    Detect Disease     4W:BoDM
    Divine Beacon
    An individual or group knows the direction and range of the caster and his condition. RP:101-1
    Divine Mark     4W:BoDM
    Divine Mark     TO:FF
    Divine Strike     4W:BoDM
    Draw on Faith
    Gain a +1 bonus on one save, check, or attack roll. RP:101-1
    Earth Charger
    Mount gains +4 Str and trample ability when in contact with ground. RP:101-1
    Even Odds     4W:BoDM
    Illuminated Weapon
    Imposes a –2 penalty to attacks, saves, and checks to undead struck. RP:101-1
    Judgmental Cure

    Heals 1d8 hit points to good creatures; deals 1d8 damage to evil creatures. 4W:S&T
    Melodious Joy     4W:BoDM
    Pleasant Dreams     4W:BoDM
    Potent Weapon
    Weapon gains bonuses against a specific foe. RP:101-1
    Ray of Light     4W:BoDM
    Ray of Light     TO:FF
    Righteous Strike
    You bypass evil creatures’ damage reduction on a single strike. RP:101-1
    Serenity     4W:BoDM
    Share Sacrifice
    You heal half a creature’s hit points and take half of that amount as damage. RP:101-1
    Silver Tongue     4W:BoDM
    Soul Beacon
    Amplify your soul to gain combat benefits but become extremely visible to undead. RP:101-1
    Spirit Guide     4W:BoDM
    Summon Weapon
    Melee or ranged weapon of your choice (Immediate). RP:101-1
    Weighty Sins   As lead blades or gravity bow, but the extra damage applies only against evil targets. SGG:110SV

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    2nd-Level Paladin Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

    Spell Name M/F Description Source
    Analyze Ancestry M   4W:BoDM
    Argent Blade   As align weapon, but the weapon is considered silver instead of an alignment . SGG:110SV
    Confront Outsider   You reveal the presence of an outsider and learn its name. RP:101-2
    Contingent Light Healing   Target that takes 4 or more damage instantly heals 1d8 hit points. RP:101-2
    Coward's Bane   You gain a +1 bonus per 3 levels to attack and damage against dishonorable foes. RP:101-2
    Flexarmor   You reduce the armor check penalty and arcane spell failure chance for a single set of armor or a shield. RP:101-2
    Fool's Luck   Touched creature is briefly luckier against traps, hazards, poisons and diseases. RP:101-2
    Intercept Attack   You suffer all damage meant for an adjacent ally. RP:101-2
    Mantle of Love M   4W:BoDM
    Mantle of Love     TO:FF
    Peace Bonding   Creatures within an area must sheathe, and may not unsheathe, their weapons. RP:101-2
    Resist Temptation     4W:BoDM
    Retribution     4W:BoDM
    Righteous Armor   You store or summon your armor from an extradimensional space. RP:101-2
    Song of Rapture     4W:BoDM
    Stand Your Ground   You gain a +1 bonus per 3 levels to CMD and ignore the blown away, confused, cowering, dazed, frightened, knocked down, panicked, prone and slowed conditions. RP:101-2
    Take My Hand   You prevent an adjacent ally from falling. RP:101-2
    Thief Ward   Sleight of Hand and Stealth checks are made at a -10 penalty. RP:101-2
    To The Rescue   You and your bonded mount exchange places with a helpless creature. RP:101-2
    Unseen Guardian   Creates magical sensor that alerts you to danger. RP:101-2
    Utter Determination   For 5 rounds you ignore the dead, disabled, dying, staggered and/or unconscious conditions. RP:101-2
    Vanguard   As rally point, but targets all adjacent good creatures. SGG:110SV
    Voice of the Gods     4W:BoDM

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    3rd-Level Paladin Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

    Spell Name M/F Description Source
    Armor of Light   Creates a shimmering armor that grants a +1 deflection bonus, dazzles attackers, and causes attacks to miss 20% of the time. RP:101-3
    Body and Mind   Add Con modifier plus Wis modifier to Will saves, add Wis modifier to melee damage rolls. RP:101-3
    Companion’s Vengeance   If your companion sustains damage, you or your companion receives a morale bonus to the next attack and damage roll. RP:101-3
    Crown of Terror   Enemies within 10 feet become shaken or frightened when you attack. RP:101-3
    Crown of Valor   You and allies within 10 feet gain +1 on attacks and checks, +2 on saves against fear. RP:101-3
    Curse of Truth   Target is incapable of speaking falsehoods. RP:101-3
    Detect Curse   As detect magic, but it detects cursed items and creatures rather than magic. SGG:110SV
    Disarmament   You disarm all of your targets. RP:101-3
    Falcon Flag
    Animate a flag to guide creatures untiringly to a destination.PFU:W1
    Golden Shield     4W:BoDM
    Intercession   Redirect an attack or effect upon yourself to protect its intended target. RP:101-3
    Mighty Steed   Your special mount is enhanced for war. RP:101-3
    No Rest for the Wicked   You fascinate ability your opponents with the exhausted or fatigued condition. RP:101-3
    Order of Battle     4W:BoDM
    Reveal Curse     4W:BoDM
    Saving Grace     4W:BoDM
    Serenity, Greater     4W:BoDM
    Shield of Loyalty   Grant the benefits of your shield to both you and your allies. RP:101-3
    Spirit Guide, Greater     4W:BoDM
    Sudden Smiting   You can smite evil as part of casting this spell. RP:101-3
    Weapons Storm   You create force duplicates of your weapon that hit what you hit. RP:101-3
    Wings of Heaven   Your mount grows wings and can fly. RP:101-3

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    4th-Level Paladin Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

    Spell Name M/F Description Source
    Crusader’s Blessing   As blessing of courage and life, but it grants a +2 morale bonus to AC and attack rolls and the burst of healing energy heals 3d8 + caster level . SGG:110SV
    Disarming Storm

    Disarms targets in an area. 4W:S&T
    Earth Storm     4W:BoDM
    Glory of the Faithful     4W:BoDM
    Retribution, Greater     4W:BoDM
    Succor     4W:BoDM

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