Bard Spells (3pp)

0-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Alter Taste
Changes the taste of one meal to a taste that is pleasant for the creature consuming it. RP:101-0
Animate Tools
Tools automatically perform simple tasks. RP:101-0
Causes flowering plant to blossom. RP:101-0
Boom     TO:FF
Canny Effort
Caster gains a +2 competence bonus on next skill check. RP:101-0
Clandestine Conversation
Allows two subjects to speak without being overheard. RP:101-0
Cleanse of Alcohol
Subject is completely cured of alcohol effects. RP:101-0
Cloth Armor
Unworn clothing becomes armor. RP:101-0
Inflicts damage to a single object, undead or construct creature. RP:101-0
Dark Baubles
Object casts deep shadows in 20 ft. radius. RP:101-0
Helps decipher a coded message or cipher. RP:101-0
Detect Charm
Determines whether a creature is under a charm effect. RP:101-0
Removes the tuning from a nearby instrument. RP:101-0
Dims light sources within 100 feet of object touched. RP:101-0
Disorienting Quake
One creature is shaken and must make a Acrobatics check or fall prone. RP:101-0
Encode a message to protect it from view. RP:101-0
Giggle     TO:FF
Glimmer of Hope
Increase chance of target stabilizing at negative hit points. RP:101-0
Guide Vessel
A ship, cart, or wagon moves as you command. RP:101-0
Layer of Ice
Does 1 cold damage to a target but absorbs up to 5 fire damage before melting away. RP:101-0
Light My Fire
Starts a fire quickly. RP:101-0
Negate penalties caused by light. RP:101-0
Low Blow
Target takes 1 point of bludgeoning damage, and becomes sickened for 1 round. RP:101-0
You create a minor mishap. RP:101-0
Hides a small object in plain sight. RP:101-0
Removes target’s pants. RP:101-0
Decrease target’s initiative by 4. RP:101-0
Shines a beam of light from your finger. RP:101-0
Quicken Stride
Increase touched creature’s land speed. RP:101-0
Creates a writing quill with limitless ink. RP:101-0
Target cannot sleep for 24 hours. RP:101-0
Rigged Coin
Causes target coin to always land on face you choose. RP:101-0
Shape Shadows

Increase or decrease the dimensions of natural shadows.
Returns a book to its shelf in the proper place. RP:101-0
Sign of Discovery
Grant +2 insight bonus to your next knowledge, perception or sense motive check. RP:101-0
Creates a loud sound. RP:101-0
Simple Bed
Creates a comfortable place to sleep giving caster +1 hp to normal healing rate for bed rest. RP:101-0
Slapping Hand
Disembodied hand slaps target for 1 point of damage. RP:101-0
Smoke Image
Caster creates any shape out of existing smoke. RP:101-0
Snuff   Extinguish non-magical light sources. AG:PS
Song of Serenity
Subject is cured of fatigue. RP:101-0
Spook Animal
Target animal is panicked. RP:101-0
Creates a single sound after a preset amount of time. RP:101-0
Trifling Image
Creates tiny and immobile image. RP:101-0
Ultrasonic Ray
Ranged touch attack inflicts 1d3 points of sonic damage. RP:101-0
Unseen Attendant
Cleans and straightens you and your clothing. RP:101-0

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1st-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Alter Liquid
Transmute 1 pint/level of liquid (max 5 pints). RP:101-1
Animate Tattoo
Creates a moving image on a subject’s body that can attack. RP:101-1
Borrow Skill
Use target creature’s ranks in one skill. RP:101-1
Clarity of Thought
Grants +4 insight bonus to Concentration checks. RP:101-1
Clear Conscience
Caster loses all memory of events just prior to casting the spell. RP:101-1
Climb   Gain a +5 bonus to Climb checks. SGG:AH1
Changes the color of a creature or object. RP:101-1
Target must lie and be generally disagreeable and difficult. RP:101-1
Curse of Ineptitude
Target experiences clumsiness and bad luck (Swift). RP:101-1
Dead Man's Ink
  Transfer an enchanted tattoo from a corpse to a willing target.
Deep Shadows
Enhances shadows so they grant minor concealment bonus. RP:101-1
Discerning Eye
Reveals the exact monetary value of a single item RP:101-1
Dispel Magic, Lesser
As dispel magic except maximum +5. RP:101-1
Subject becomes flat-footed. RP:101-1
Erase Tattoo
  Erase a mundane tattoo from a target
Escape Grapple
Improves grapple and Escape RP:101-1
Fight or Flight

Target gains temporary bonus to hit or to speed. 4W:S&T
Flashy Defenses
Chaos defends you against random types of attacks. RP:101-1
Fluster   As hold person, but the target is staggered rather than paralyzed . SGG:110SV
Fool's Gold     TO:FF
Friendly Face     TO:FF
Caster becomes physically attractive. RP:101-1
One evil target is denied an action. RP:101-1
Heartache     TO:FF
Heat Lightning
Vertical strokes of lightning deal 1d6 nonlethal damage +1/level (max +5), plus dazzle and set creatures on fire. RP:101-1
Target’s initiative count drops by your caster level (Swift). RP:101-1
Hidden Illumination

Invisible field enhances low-light vision and darkvision.
Hot Foot     TO:FF
Malicious Intent
Subjects take –1 or –2 on saves. RP:101-1
Minor Lasting Image
Creates permanent, tiny, immobile image. RP:101-1
Subject’s speed and Dexterity are temporarily reduced. RP:101-1
Pacifist   Subject will avoid combat and casting spells that cause damage. 4W:BoDM
Pacifist     TO:FF
Creates a small opening through a wooden, plaster, or stone wall. RP:101-1
Pins and Needles
Victim suffers a –1 circumstance penalty on all attack rolls and skill checks, and requires a Concentration check to cast spells. RP:101-1
Protection from Monsters   As protection from evil, but it works against creatures of one type rather than evil. SGG:110SV
Scatterbrained     TO:FF
Screech   As acid splash but it deals 1d4 sonic damage, and you can expend 1 round of bardic performance per 2 levels to deal +1d4 damage. SGG:110SV
Skill Lore
Target gains an insight bonus of +1/two caster levels one skill check. RP:101-1
Cone of sonic energy inflicts 1d4 points of damage/three caster levels (Move). RP:101-1
Sonic Dart
Ranged touch attack inflicts 1d6 points of sonic damage (Move). RP:101-1
Stunning Note
Target stunned for 1 round (Move). RP:101-1
You conjure a creature that carries a torch, sunrod, lantern or daylight spell. RP:101-1
Transcribe   Record a conversation on a scroll, book, or tablet LPJ:NEM
Unspeakable Tongue
Target cannot speak intelligibly. RP:101-1
White Noise
Creates a loud sound and white light causing a –20 penalty to Perception checks. RP:101-1

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2nd-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
  Forces subject to bite itself. 4W:S&T
Beguile   Target takes a -4 penalty on saves against enchantment and illusion spells and is dazzled. RP:101-2
Break Object   Inflicts damage and broken condition on a single object or damages a construct creature. RP:101-2
Brightmatter   Sticky phosphorescent mass sheds light where ifs attached. RP:101-2
Contingent Light Healing   Target that takes 4 or more damage instantly heals 1d8 hit points. RP:101-2
Curse of Prevarication   Subject can't tell the truth. RP:101-2
Damage Loins   Target takes 1d6 damage/2 levels, moves at half speed, becomes sickened for 1d4 rounds. RP:101-2
Deathchant   Chanting saps the life from living creatures. RP:101-2
Delayed Reaction     4W:BoDM
Delude Divination   Divination attempts against target may fail and produce random results. RP:101-2
Dimension Hop   You, touched objects, and your familiar or companion teleport to any spot within close range. RP:101-2
Disguise Wounds   You cause the subject to appear resilient to various forms of damage. RP:101-2
Distortion Field   Grants total concealment against blindsight and tremorsense. RP:101-2
Euphoria   Target has attitude improved by one step and suffers a -2 penalty on saves against your enchantment spells. RP:101-2
Exhaustion   Target becomes exhausted. RP:101-2
Expeditious Charge   You temporarily are faster and more agile. RP:101-2
Fit of Pique   Force target to attack its ally. RP:101-2
Flexarmor   You reduce the armor check penalty and arcane spell failure chance for a single set of armor or a shield. RP:101-2
Frigid Slowness   Causes 1d4/level points of cold damage (max 10d4) and the target is slowed. RP:101-2
Hesitate   One subject per level goes last in the initiative order and does not take its first attack of opportunity each round. RP:101-2
Insomnia   Subject is unable to sleep, suffers from fatigue and is unable to heal naturally. RP:101-2
Lifechant   Your chanting renews living creatures. RP:101-2
Magnify Vision

Double the range of your vision
Mask Limb

Convinces the subject they have lost a limb. 4W:S&T
Memory Crystal   Permanently store a memory in a crystal or gem. RP:101-2
Memory of Love     TO:FF
Mute   Subject cannot produce sounds from its mouth. RP:101-2
Nightsnare   You cause a very deep, very short sleep to fall upon a target. RP:101-2
Oathbind   Willing participants immediately gain awareness that another party has violated the terms of a written contract. RP:101-2
Obscure Text   Magical or mundane writing appears illegible. RP:101-2
One Track Mind   Subject continually repeats last action. 4W:BoDM
One Track Mind     TO:FF
Remove Charm   As remove fear, but works against all mind-affecting effects. SGG:110SV
Reverse Gender     TO:FF
Scout's Hike   Target receives +2 to Dex, +4 to Stealth checks, and base land speed increases by 10 feet. RP:101-2
Shadow Conjuration, Lesser

As shadow conjuration, but up to 1st level and 20% real.
Shadow Sentry   A shadowy warrior guards, patrols or attacks on your command. RP:101-2
Silent Ray   You emit a beam of supersonic vibrations causing 1d8 per level unheard sonic damage to one target. RP:101-2
Slip of the Tongue     TO:FF
Supernatural Ward
Subject gains +4 bonus on saves against supernatural abilities (Immediate). RP:101-1
Torn Muscle   One living creature is flat-footed, cannot run, and suffers a -4 penalty to attacks, skills and ability checks. RP:101-2
Touch Me Not     TO:FF
Touch of History     PFU:W4
Undetectable Poison
Allows you to mask the presence of poisons. RP:101-1
Vertigo   You cause creatures to become dizzy to the point of being sickened and perhaps fall prone. RP:101-2

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3rd-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Animal Mind   Subject believes it’s a specific kind of animal. RP:101-3
Aura of Peace   Creatures near caster have combat penalties. RP:101-3
Awesome Striker   One melee attack per round knocks back foes. RP:101-3
Beast’s Curse   Target is incessantly hounded by animals. RP:101-3
Beneficent Breeze   Target’s movement is aided by friendly winds. SGG:AM
Deal 2d6 nonlethal sonic damage per round BP:VR
Choir   As the ‘summon 1d3 monsters’ option of summon monster II, and creatures summoned can maintain a bardic performance you begin. SGG:110SV
Corrosive Blood   Piercing and slashing weapons take acid damage. RP:101-3
Curse of Chaos   Target suffers random changes each day to appearance, abilities, etc. RP:101-3
Curse of Truth   Target is incapable of speaking falsehoods. RP:101-3
Deepsight   Extend darkvision by 60 ft. RP:101-3
Euphoria   Subject feels good despite danger or pain. RP:101-3
False Pain   Target creature takes 1d6 nonlethal damage per round and suffers a –2 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks and ability checks. RP:101-3
Frictionless Sheet   Slippery liquid reduces movement cause creatures to fall prone. RP:101-3
Glimpse of Knowledge   Use a bard’s knowledge. RP:101-3
Glossolalia   Target’s speech becomes random and inappropriate. RP:101-3
Hand of the Marksman   Your firearm or crossbow attack is an automatic critical threat. RP:101-3
Indecision   Target delays action and must succeed on a Will save to take any actions. RP:101-3
Indisputable Fact   the subject believes something you tell them to believe. RP:101-3
Intelligent Object   Item gains semblance of intelligence. RP:101-3
Lost   Subject moves at half speed in a random direction each round. RP:101-3
Magic Shop   You conjure a sturdy merchant’s shop. RP:101-3
Mocking Laughter   Target takes 3d6 nonlethal damage, –4 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, and skill checks. RP:101-3
Mute   As silence, but effecting a single target. SGG:110SV
Overconfidence   Target takes a cumulative –2 penalty on all skill and ability checks. RP:101-3
Phobia   Subject develops a sudden and severe fear. 4W:BoDM
Phobia     TO:FF
Plant Spy   Turn a plant into a recording device. RP:101-3
Psychic Twin   You and target share skill ranks, neither can be surprised nor flanked unless both are. RP:101-3
Remembrance   You instantly recall something specific from your past that you want to remember. RP:101-3
Secret Speech   You and creatures you select conceal hidden messages in your normal speech. RP:101-3
Shadow Courier
Shadow Evocation, Lesser

As shadow evocation, but up to 2nd level and 20% real.
Shadow Healing   Illusion of cure moderate wounds grants 2d8 temp hp plus 1 temp hp/level (max +10); target has attitude improved by one-step, takes –2 a penalty on saves against your enchantment spells. RP:101-3
Shadow Sentry, Greater   A shadowy warrior guards, patrols or attacks on your command. RP:101-3
Shadow Structure

Illusory structure supports or impedes creatures.
Surge   Target creature gains +20 to initiative. RP:101-3
Uncontrollable Rage   Target gains rage bonuses and penalties but must attack nearest creature; attacks can cause targets to rage as well. RP:101-3
Weapon of Nightmares   You infuse a dagger with energy that delivers horrid visions that deal +1d8/level nonlethal damage and renders the victim unconscious. RP:101-3
Weapons Storm   You create force duplicates of your weapon that hit what you hit. RP:101-3

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4th-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Animate Body Part

Bring severed limb to life. 4W:S&T
Burning Ink
  Turn mundane tattoo ink in a target into acid
Ice Mirror     SGG:IM
Illusory Strike

Illusion spell you control attacks as if it were real.
Imbue with Skill   As imbue with spell ability, but you grant the target skill ranks in one skill up to the target’s HD . SGG:110SV
Kiss of Unrequited Love

Target must make a Will save or attempt to coup-de-grace itself
Negative Image
Light becomes darkness and darkness becomes light within 60 ft. of object.
Shadow Form

Subject becomes a natural shadow.
Siphoning Touch, Lesser

Receive the effects of a 2nd level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T

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5th-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Scry Trap   As alarm, but when the alarm goes off it automatically shows you a vision of the area alarmed, as the scry spell. SGG:110SV
Shadow Gate

Teleport multiple creatures within your stretched-out shadow.
Speak with Vermin   As speak with plants, but it works on vermin rather than plants . SGG:110SV

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6th-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Mass Modify Memory   As modify memory, but effecting multiple targets. All targets get same memory. SGG:110SV
Shadow Terrain

As mirage arcana, but created structures are quasi-real.
Siphoning Touch

Receive the effects of a 5th level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Unconscious Agenda     TO:FF

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