Bard Spells (3pp)

0-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Alter Taste
Changes the taste of one meal to a taste that is pleasant for the creature consuming it. RP:101-0
Animate Tools
Tools automatically perform simple tasks. RP:101-0
Causes flowering plant to blossom. RP:101-0
Boom     TO:FF
Canny Effort
Caster gains a +2 competence bonus on next skill check. RP:101-0
Clandestine Conversation
Allows two subjects to speak without being overheard. RP:101-0
Cleanse of Alcohol
Subject is completely cured of alcohol effects. RP:101-0
Cloth Armor
Unworn clothing becomes armor. RP:101-0
Inflicts damage to a single object, undead or construct creature. RP:101-0
Dark Baubles
Object casts deep shadows in 20 ft. radius. RP:101-0
Helps decipher a coded message or cipher. RP:101-0
Detect Charm
Determines whether a creature is under a charm effect. RP:101-0
Removes the tuning from a nearby instrument. RP:101-0
Dims light sources within 100 feet of object touched. RP:101-0
Disorienting Quake
One creature is shaken and must make a Acrobatics check or fall prone. RP:101-0
Encode a message to protect it from view. RP:101-0
Giggle     TO:FF
Glimmer of Hope
Increase chance of target stabilizing at negative hit points. RP:101-0
Guide Vessel
A ship, cart, or wagon moves as you command. RP:101-0
Layer of Ice
Does 1 cold damage to a target but absorbs up to 5 fire damage before melting away. RP:101-0
Light My Fire
Starts a fire quickly. RP:101-0
Negate penalties caused by light. RP:101-0
Low Blow
Target takes 1 point of bludgeoning damage, and becomes sickened for 1 round. RP:101-0
You create a minor mishap. RP:101-0
Hides a small object in plain sight. RP:101-0
Removes target’s pants. RP:101-0
Decrease target’s initiative by 4. RP:101-0
Shines a beam of light from your finger. RP:101-0
Quicken Stride
Increase touched creature’s land speed. RP:101-0
Creates a writing quill with limitless ink. RP:101-0
Target cannot sleep for 24 hours. RP:101-0
Rigged Coin
Causes target coin to always land on face you choose. RP:101-0
Returns a book to its shelf in the proper place. RP:101-0
Sign of Discovery
Grant +2 insight bonus to your next knowledge, perception or sense motive check. RP:101-0
Creates a loud sound. RP:101-0
Simple Bed
Creates a comfortable place to sleep giving caster +1 hp to normal healing rate for bed rest. RP:101-0
Slapping Hand
Disembodied hand slaps target for 1 point of damage. RP:101-0
Smoke Image
Caster creates any shape out of existing smoke. RP:101-0
Song of Serenity
Subject is cured of fatigue. RP:101-0
Spook Animal
Target animal is panicked. RP:101-0
Creates a single sound after a preset amount of time. RP:101-0
Trifling Image
Creates tiny and immobile image. RP:101-0
Ultrasonic Ray
Ranged touch attack inflicts 1d3 points of sonic damage. RP:101-0
Unseen Attendant
Cleans and straightens you and your clothing. RP:101-0

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1st-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Alter Liquid
Transmute 1 pint/level of liquid (max 5 pints). RP:101-1
Animate Tattoo
Creates a moving image on a subject’s body that can attack. RP:101-1
Borrow Skill
Use target creature’s ranks in one skill. RP:101-1
Clarity of Thought
Grants +4 insight bonus to Concentration checks. RP:101-1
Clear Conscience
Caster loses all memory of events just prior to casting the spell. RP:101-1
Climb   Gain a +5 bonus to Climb checks. SGG:AH1
Changes the color of a creature or object. RP:101-1
Target must lie and be generally disagreeable and difficult. RP:101-1
Curse of Ineptitude
Target experiences clumsiness and bad luck (Swift). RP:101-1
Dead Man's Ink
 Transfer an enchanted tattoo from a corpse to a willing target.
Deep Shadows
Enhances shadows so they grant minor concealment bonus. RP:101-1
Discerning Eye
Reveals the exact monetary value of a single item RP:101-1
Dispel Magic, Lesser
As dispel magic except maximum +5. RP:101-1
Subject becomes flat-footed. RP:101-1
Erase Tattoo
 Erase a mundane tattoo from a target
Escape Grapple
Improves grapple and Escape RP:101-1
Fight or Flight

Target gains temporary bonus to hit or to speed. 4W:S&T
Flashy Defenses
Chaos defends you against random types of attacks. RP:101-1
Fluster   As hold person, but the target is staggered rather than paralyzed . SGG:110SV
Fool's Gold     TO:FF
Friendly Face     TO:FF
Caster becomes physically attractive. RP:101-1
One evil target is denied an action. RP:101-1
Heartache     TO:FF
Heat Lightning
Vertical strokes of lightning deal 1d6 nonlethal damage +1/level (max +5), plus dazzle and set creatures on fire. RP:101-1
Target’s initiative count drops by your caster level (Swift). RP:101-1
Hot Foot     TO:FF
Malicious Intent
Subjects take –1 or –2 on saves. RP:101-1
Minor Lasting Image
Creates permanent, tiny, immobile image. RP:101-1
Subject’s speed and Dexterity are temporarily reduced. RP:101-1
Pacifist   Subject will avoid combat and casting spells that cause damage. 4W:BoDM
Pacifist     TO:FF
Creates a small opening through a wooden, plaster, or stone wall. RP:101-1
Pins and Needles
Victim suffers a –1 circumstance penalty on all attack rolls and skill checks, and requires a Concentration check to cast spells. RP:101-1
Protection from Monsters   As protection from evil, but it works against creatures of one type rather than evil. SGG:110SV
Scatterbrained     TO:FF
Screech   As acid splash but it deals 1d4 sonic damage, and you can expend 1 round of bardic performance per 2 levels to deal +1d4 damage. SGG:110SV
Skill Lore
Target gains an insight bonus of +1/two caster levels one skill check. RP:101-1
Cone of sonic energy inflicts 1d4 points of damage/three caster levels (Move). RP:101-1
Sonic Dart
Ranged touch attack inflicts 1d6 points of sonic damage (Move). RP:101-1
Stunning Note
Target stunned for 1 round (Move). RP:101-1
You conjure a creature that carries a torch, sunrod, lantern or daylight spell. RP:101-1
Transcribe Record a conversation on a scroll, book, or tabletLPJ:NEM
Unspeakable Tongue
Target cannot speak intelligibly. RP:101-1
White Noise
Creates a loud sound and white light causing a –20 penalty to Perception checks. RP:101-1

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2nd-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
  Forces subject to bite itself. 4W:S&T
Beguile   Target takes a -4 penalty on saves against enchantment and illusion spells and is dazzled. RP:101-2
Break Object   Inflicts damage and broken condition on a single object or damages a construct creature. RP:101-2
Brightmatter   Sticky phosphorescent mass sheds light where ifs attached. RP:101-2
Contingent Light Healing   Target that takes 4 or more damage instantly heals 1d8 hit points. RP:101-2
Curse of Prevarication   Subject can't tell the truth. RP:101-2
Damage Loins   Target takes 1d6 damage/2 levels, moves at half speed, becomes sickened for 1d4 rounds. RP:101-2
Deathchant   Chanting saps the life from living creatures. RP:101-2
Delayed Reaction     4W:BoDM
Delude Divination   Divination attempts against target may fail and produce random results. RP:101-2
Dimension Hop   You, touched objects, and your familiar or companion teleport to any spot within close range. RP:101-2
Disguise Wounds   You cause the subject to appear resilient to various forms of damage. RP:101-2
Distortion Field   Grants total concealment against blindsight and tremorsense. RP:101-2
Euphoria   Target has attitude improved by one step and suffers a -2 penalty on saves against your enchantment spells. RP:101-2
Exhaustion   Target becomes exhausted. RP:101-2
Expeditious Charge   You temporarily are faster and more agile. RP:101-2
Fit of Pique   Force target to attack its ally. RP:101-2
Flexarmor   You reduce the armor check penalty and arcane spell failure chance for a single set of armor or a shield. RP:101-2
Frigid Slowness   Causes 1d4/level points of cold damage (max 10d4) and the target is slowed. RP:101-2
Hesitate   One subject per level goes last in the initiative order and does not take its first attack of opportunity each round. RP:101-2
Insomnia   Subject is unable to sleep, suffers from fatigue and is unable to heal naturally. RP:101-2
Lifechant   Your chanting renews living creatures. RP:101-2
Magnify Vision

Double the range of your vision
Mask Limb

Convinces the subject they have lost a limb. 4W:S&T
Memory Crystal   Permanently store a memory in a crystal or gem. RP:101-2
Memory of Love     TO:FF
Mute   Subject cannot produce sounds from its mouth. RP:101-2
Nightsnare   You cause a very deep, very short sleep to fall upon a target. RP:101-2
Oathbind   Willing participants immediately gain awareness that another party has violated the terms of a written contract. RP:101-2
Obscure Text   Magical or mundane writing appears illegible. RP:101-2
One Track Mind   Subject continually repeats last action. 4W:BoDM
One Track Mind     TO:FF
Remove Charm   As remove fear, but works against all mind-affecting effects. SGG:110SV
Reverse Gender     TO:FF
Scout's Hike   Target receives +2 to Dex, +4 to Stealth checks, and base land speed increases by 10 feet. RP:101-2
Shadow Sentry   A shadowy warrior guards, patrols or attacks on your command. RP:101-2
Silent Ray   You emit a beam of supersonic vibrations causing 1d8 per level unheard sonic damage to one target. RP:101-2
Slip of the Tongue     TO:FF
Supernatural Ward
Subject gains +4 bonus on saves against supernatural abilities (Immediate). RP:101-1
Torn Muscle   One living creature is flat-footed, cannot run, and suffers a -4 penalty to attacks, skills and ability checks. RP:101-2
Touch Me Not     TO:FF
Touch of History     PFU:W4
Undetectable Poison
Allows you to mask the presence of poisons. RP:101-1
Vertigo   You cause creatures to become dizzy to the point of being sickened and perhaps fall prone. RP:101-2

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3rd-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Animal Mind   Subject believes it’s a specific kind of animal. RP:101-3
Aura of Peace   Creatures near caster have combat penalties. RP:101-3
Awesome Striker   One melee attack per round knocks back foes. RP:101-3
Beast’s Curse   Target is incessantly hounded by animals. RP:101-3
Beneficent Breeze   Target’s movement is aided by friendly winds. SGG:AM
Deal 2d6 nonlethal sonic damage per round BP:VR
Choir   As the ‘summon 1d3 monsters’ option of summon monster II, and creatures summoned can maintain a bardic performance you begin. SGG:110SV
Corrosive Blood   Piercing and slashing weapons take acid damage. RP:101-3
Curse of Chaos   Target suffers random changes each day to appearance, abilities, etc. RP:101-3
Curse of Truth   Target is incapable of speaking falsehoods. RP:101-3
Deepsight   Extend darkvision by 60 ft. RP:101-3
Euphoria   Subject feels good despite danger or pain. RP:101-3
False Pain   Target creature takes 1d6 nonlethal damage per round and suffers a –2 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks and ability checks. RP:101-3
Frictionless Sheet   Slippery liquid reduces movement cause creatures to fall prone. RP:101-3
Glimpse of Knowledge   Use a bard’s knowledge. RP:101-3
Glossolalia   Target’s speech becomes random and inappropriate. RP:101-3
Hand of the Marksman   Your firearm or crossbow attack is an automatic critical threat. RP:101-3
Indecision   Target delays action and must succeed on a Will save to take any actions. RP:101-3
Indisputable Fact   the subject believes something you tell them to believe. RP:101-3
Intelligent Object   Item gains semblance of intelligence. RP:101-3
Lost   Subject moves at half speed in a random direction each round. RP:101-3
Magic Shop   You conjure a sturdy merchant’s shop. RP:101-3
Mocking Laughter   Target takes 3d6 nonlethal damage, –4 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, and skill checks. RP:101-3
Mute   As silence, but effecting a single target. SGG:110SV
Overconfidence   Target takes a cumulative –2 penalty on all skill and ability checks. RP:101-3
Phobia   Subject develops a sudden and severe fear. 4W:BoDM
Phobia     TO:FF
Plant Spy   Turn a plant into a recording device. RP:101-3
Psychic Twin   You and target share skill ranks, neither can be surprised nor flanked unless both are. RP:101-3
Remembrance   You instantly recall something specific from your past that you want to remember. RP:101-3
Secret Speech   You and creatures you select conceal hidden messages in your normal speech. RP:101-3
Shadow Healing   Illusion of cure moderate wounds grants 2d8 temp hp plus 1 temp hp/level (max +10); target has attitude improved by one-step, takes –2 a penalty on saves against your enchantment spells. RP:101-3
Shadow Sentry, Greater   A shadowy warrior guards, patrols or attacks on your command. RP:101-3
Surge   Target creature gains +20 to initiative. RP:101-3
Uncontrollable Rage   Target gains rage bonuses and penalties but must attack nearest creature; attacks can cause targets to rage as well. RP:101-3
Weapon of Nightmares   You infuse a dagger with energy that delivers horrid visions that deal +1d8/level nonlethal damage and renders the victim unconscious. RP:101-3
Weapons Storm   You create force duplicates of your weapon that hit what you hit. RP:101-3

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4th-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Animate Body Part

Bring severed limb to life. 4W:S&T
Burning Ink
 Turn mundane tattoo ink in a target into acid
Ice Mirror     SGG:IM
Imbue with Skill   As imbue with spell ability, but you grant the target skill ranks in one skill up to the target’s HD . SGG:110SV
Kiss of Unrequited Love

Target must make a Will save or attempt to coup-de-grace itself
Siphoning Touch, Lesser

Receive the effects of a 2nd level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T

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5th-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Scry Trap   As alarm, but when the alarm goes off it automatically shows you a vision of the area alarmed, as the scry spell. SGG:110SV
Speak with Vermin   As speak with plants, but it works on vermin rather than plants . SGG:110SV

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6th-Level Bard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Mass Modify Memory   As modify memory, but effecting multiple targets. All targets get same memory. SGG:110SV
Siphoning Touch

Receive the effects of a 5th level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Unconscious Agenda     TO:FF

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