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    Reduce Animal

    School transmutation; Level druid 2, ranger 3


    Casting Time 1 standard action
    Components V, S


    Range touch
    Target one willing animal of Small, Medium, Large, or Huge size
    Duration 1 hour/level (D)
    Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

    Table: Tiny and Large Weapon Damage

    Medium Weapon Damage Tiny Weapon Damage Large Weapon Damage
    1d2 1d3
    1d3 1 1d4
    1d4 1d2 1d6
    1d6 1d3 1d8
    1d8 1d4 2d6
    1d10 1d6 2d8
    1d12 1d8 3d6
    2d4 1d4 2d6
    2d6 1d8 3d6
    2d8 1d10 3d8
    2d10 2d6 4d8