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    Careless rogues plundering a tomb, drunken heroes insulting a powerful wizard, and foolhardy adventurers who pick up ancient swords all might suffer from curses. These magic afflictions can have a wide variety of effects, from a simple penalty to certain checks to transforming the victim into a toad. Some even cause the afflicted to slowly rot away, leaving nothing behind but dust.

    Unlike other afflictions, most curses cannot be cured through a number of successful saving throws. Curses can be cured through magic, however, usually via spells such as remove curse and break enchantment. While some curses cause a progressive deterioration, others inflict a static penalty from the moment they are contracted, neither fading over time nor growing worse. In addition, there are a number of magic items that act like curses.

    See Magic Items for a description of these cursed items.

    Sample Curses

    The following samples present just some of the possibilities when creating curses.

    Name Type Save DC Onset Frequency Effect Cure
    Baleful polymorph spell Curse, Spell Fort 17
    Transforms target into a lizard See baleful polymorph.
    Bestow curse trap Curse, Spell, Trap Will 14
    –6 penalty to Strength
    Crusader's Curse Curse Will 15 1/day Target's gear and equipment takes 1d4 damage, ignoring hardness Return stolen items to the grave, or successfully casting remove curse (DC is 5 higher than normal).
    Curse of the ages Curse Will 17 1/day Age 1 year
    Lycanthropy (werewolf) Curse Fort 15 / Will 15 Next full moon Every full moon or whenever injured Transform into a wolf under GM's control until next morning
    Mummy rot Curse, Disease Fort 16 1 minute 1/day 1d6 Con damage and 1d6 Cha damage Successfully casting remove curse and remove disease within 1 minute of each other.
    Will 22
    Target becomes hunted by a specific devil Slay the devil or pass the runecursed object to another person who must be willing
    Unluck Curse Will 20 1/hour Target rerolls a roll and takes worse result