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    Threnodic Spell (Metamagic)

    You can convert mind-affecting magic to necromantic power capable of controlling undead.

    Prerequisites: Knowledge (religion) 6 ranks, Spell Focus (necromancy).

    Benefit: This feat only works on mind-affecting spells. A threnodic spell affects undead creatures (even mindless undead) as if they weren't immune to mind-affecting effects, but has no effect on living creatures.

    Level Increase: +2 (a threnodic spell uses up a spell slot two level higher than the spell's actual level.)

    Normal: Undead are immune to mind-affecting effects.

    What are the prerequisites for this feat? The table doesn't match the feat entry.
    The text on page 157 is correct.
    Official Update: Change "Spell Focus (enchantment)" to "Spell Focus (necromancy)."
    Editor's Note: The update has been applied.