(Fastplay) Use Magic Device

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    Use Magic Device
        Restriction: you cannot take 10
        Restriction: you cannot retry for 24 hours on a natural 1
        Restriction: you must choose which magic item quality to emulate
        Check Frequency: when activating a magic item
        Check Frequency: 1 per hour (ongoing emulation, such as alignment)
        Success: you successfully activate the magic item
        Failure: you fail to activate the magic item
        Time: (GM discretion)
    Activate Blindly
        Restriction: you must do something to activate an item
        DC Base: 25
        DC Modifier: +2 you have activated the item before
        Failure: <= 9 means no activation
        Failure: >= 10 you suffer a mishap (item affects wrong target, 2d6 damage, GM discretion)
    Decipher a Written Spell
        DC Base: 25 + spell level
        Time: 1 minute of concentration
    Emulate an Ability Score
        Definition: effective ability score = check result - 15
    Emulate an Alignment
        DC Base: 30
    Emulate a Class Feature
        Definition: effective level = check result - 20
        DC Base: 20
    Emulate a Race
        Restriction: you can only emulate one race at a time
        DC Base: 25
    Use a Scroll
        Restriction: you must have the minimum ability score (10 + spell level) in the appropriate ability to cast
        DC Base: 20 + caster level
    Use a Wand, Staff or Other Spell Trigger
        DC Base: 20
    Final Notes
        Bonus In: +2 Magic Aptitude (feat)
        Bonus In: +4 Magic Aptitude (feat) + Use Magic Device (10 ranks)
        D20: Use Magic Device