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    Illusory Creature (CR –1)

    An illusory creature is only partially real.

    An illusory creature's quick and rebuild rules are the same.

    Rebuild Rules: SQ The creature gains the illusory special quality described below.

    Illusory (Ex): Any creature created or summoned by the illusory creature gains the illusory simple template. Any creature interacting with the illusory creature may attempt a Will save to disbelieve the illusory creature (DC equals 10 + the illusory creature's CR). A creature that successfully disbelieves gains a +4 bonus on attack and damage rolls against the illusory creature, takes only half damage from attacks made by the illusory creature, and has a 50% chance to be unaffected whenever the illusory creature uses a non-damaging ability. Unattended objects and terrain features automatically gain these same advantages against an illusory creature.