Dungeon-a-Day Free Peek: Area 141

D20pfsrd.com has been given special permission to give you a free peek into some select areas of DungeonaDay.com. For the next several weeks we'll be presenting some select areas here linked to the appropriate terms for your convenience! So step this way, keep quiet, and peek between the cracks into one of the largest and most detailed dungeons ever constructed...

Area 141. Shrine of the Dragon

Summary: This chamber appears to be some kind of a shrine dedicated to a draconic being.

Sights and Sounds: This room is dark and quiet other than the distant glow and crackle coming from area 140.

Somehow, this chamber seems out of place with the others of this level. In the middle of the room is a square dais topped with a golden statue of a four-winged dragon at least 10 feet long. The north wall has what might be an altar of gold and alabaster. The south wall bears an inscription in massive, flowing, stylized letters that appear to be made of entwined serpents. A stone ceiling boss hangs above the statue bearing four draconic heads. Relative to the contents you've seen elsewhere, these seem fairly recently made.

Inscription: In Draconic, the embossed words read: "All Glory and Power to the Prince, who sleeps far below."

Area 141

Invisible Chest: Anyone with the ability to see invisible objects in this room notes that an invisible chest floats around in the air. If observed, the viewer will note that the chest carefully avoids any creatures, so that if someone gets close, it moves away. However, the viewer will note that there are words written on the front of the chest. If he or she can read Draconic, the viewer will note that it says "call to Birshwar." If someone merely says "Birshwar," the chest floats over to them and becomes visible for 1 minute. It is locked (Disable Device DC 25 to open), but since it only remains visible and still for a minute, the lockpicker cannot take 20 on the check. The chest can, of course, be recalled if it disappears and floats away for further tries.

Inside is a red dragon scale upon which someone has carved the third of the twelve secret sigils.

A Knowledge (Arcana) check (DC 16) suggests that the sigil is draconic in nature, but that's all. A DC 20 Knowledge (Arcana) check, however, means that the character realizes that this is one of the twelve secret sigils. This sigil, if incorporated into any spell scroll when the scroll is created, maximizes the spell. The creator must simply pay double in terms of gold, xp, and time to modify the spell in this way.

If the scale is taken from this room, it vanishes after 1d10 hours and returns here.

Area 141 built out in Dwarven Forge

Dragon Idol: The statue is non-magical, and the gold is gold plating. An extremely determined and methodical group could spend 40 man-hours and scrape the gold from the stone underneath, netting about 100 gp worth.

Altar: The altar is non-magical, but the gold used in its construction could be looted with about an hour's work for one person, garnering about 100 gp worth of the valuable metal.

Background: A half-dragon sorcerer/cleric named Birshwar discovered the third secret sigil here about 20 years ago and built a shrine to the Dragon Prince to honor him for the gift.

Connections: The room connects to areas 139, 140, and 142.

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