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Spes Magna Games

Spes Magna Games is a publisher of Pathfinder content we are especially fond of since the leader, Mark Chance, has been a vocal fan of the site as well as actually adding content to the site himself. Spes Magna Games produces exceptional quality products and strongly supports the Open Gaming License not to mention this site! Mark has been with us almost since the beginning and has frequently directly contributed content to this site. He has his own Lab here and he frequently personally creates content here and links back here in his PDFs.

Mark recommended two books for us to add to the site: "5 Adventures, 25 Rooms" and "Barbaric Traits." Below we'll discuss both as well as provide links to the content contained in those books and then provide links to where you can find other products by Mark and Spes Magna Games.

"5 Adventures, 25 Rooms"

Credits: Written by Mark L. Chance; Emu stats by Shane O'Connor; Proofreading and Suggestions by Christopher Chance, Katrina Chance, and Eric S. Seagren

Open Game Content: Like almost all of the Spes Magna content, this book is almost 100% Open Game Content. Mark understandably keeps the name "Spes Magna Games" and certain business phrases as "Product Identity" but basically everything in the book is Open Game Content.

Format: The book contains 5 short "adventures" that each include 5 "rooms" or scenes. This content was originally made available to subscribers to Quid Novi? a (free email newsletter). Mark describes these as "a narrative synopsis of a short adventure built on the 5-room dungeon format." These are not "complete adventures" but more like "an extended adventure seed." While the adventure ideas presented are imagined for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the ideas themselves are system neutral and can be used with any game system.

Crunch: This book contains one new template (Unseelie Creature), two new monsters (emu and undead emu), stats for an emu animal companion, and two NPCs (Aengus the Wanderer and Fergus Blackheart). Each adventure also includes suggestions on scaling the difficulty up a bit as well as tips on making sure the encounters run as intended.

Content: All of the content from "5 Adventures, 25 Rooms" has been added here. If you like that content then you can not go wrong by subscribing to the Quid Novi? newsletter and/or checking out his other products on the Paizo store.

"Barbaric Traits"

Credits: Written by Mark L. Chance. Proofreading & Suggestions by Brady Boothe, Christopher Chance, Katrina Chance, Anthony Emmel, Joe Medica, and Terry Keller

Open Game Content: Just as with "5 Adventures, 25 Rooms," almost all of this book is Open Game Content.

Format: The book contains 36 new Traits inspired by Robert E. Howard's most famous barbarian stories such as "The Hour of the Dragon", "People of the Black Circle", and "Red Nails". There are 9 different Traits divided between Combat, Faith, Magic, and Social. While the traits are called "Barbaric" traits, they aren't intended solely for barbarians but can apply equally well to "any character that hails from some savage frontier where honor and sharp steel matter more than manners and shiny coins."

Crunch: Included in the Content section below is a summary table of the new traits, linked to their full descriptions.

Content: See Table below.

Table: Barbaric Traits Summary

Trait Name Type Benefit
Battle-Born Combat +1 attack rolls when outnumbered
Beast Slayer Combat +1 attack rolls vs. animals
Blood-Mad Combat +2 weapon damage when injured
Combat Healer Combat +2 Heal with first aid and poisons
Skirmisher Combat +2 AC vs. AoO when moving
Smoke-Stained Hand Combat +2 damage with normal fire
Spring-Steel Quickness Combat Initiative and attack roll bonus in surprise round
Steel Suffices Combat Damage bonus vs. DR
Wild Reaver Combat +1 attack rolls when mounted
Barbaric Mythology Faith +1 bonus to select Knowledge
Face Death Faith Save bonus vs. death and fear
Fateful Birthmark Faith +1 bonus when recovering
Heathen Oath Faith Bonus when swearing specific task
Lords of Light Faith Save bonus vs. “dark” magic
Motivational Expletive Faith +1 bonus after expletive
Ophidian Cultist Faith Bonuses with reptilian creatures
Superstitious Faith Save bonus vs. evil creatures
Thrive on Success Faith Save bonus when successful
Blasphemed Nature Magic +2 Spellcraft with “dark” magic
Child of Darkness Magic +1 AC bonus with “dark” magic
Deadly Touch Magic Bonus with melee touch spells
Hell-Tongued Magic Bonus language and Diplomacy bonus
Lambent Gaze Magic Hypnotic power with certain spells
Poisonous Sorcery Magic Bonus with ability damage spells
Prestidigitator Magic +1 bonus with Sleight of Hand
Seer Magic Bonus while using divination
Voice of Pain Magic Bonus with damaging verbal spells
Aura of Menace Social +1 bonus to Intimidate
Black Corsair Social Bonus with select pirate skills
Barbaric Ambassador Social +1 bonus with select skills
Iron Nerves Social +2 Will saves vs. fear
Pack Horse Social +5 STR for carrying capacity
Rebellious Beauty Social Bonus with certain interaction checks
Sorcerous Taint Social Interaction bonus based on alignment
To the Conqueror Social Wealth and equipment bonus
Wild Lander Social +1 bonus with select wilderness skills

If you like that content then you can not go wrong by subscribing to the Quid Novi? newsletter and/or checking out his other products on the Paizo store.